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Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong Bound for the Big Screen 

Seems like Hollywood producers have been catching up on their indie comics lately!  Archer and Armstrong, newly revived in 2012 by Fred van Lente and Clayton Henry, has been picked up by the Sean Daniel Company, a.k.a. the production company that did the Mummy movies.  This odd-couple action series is about a young fundamentalist teaming up with an immortal dude for fun and excitement. The premise might sound a little weird, but the first issue is free on comixology until the end of the month, so you’re better off checking it out yourself.  

michael walsh zero number one image comicsEspionage Story Zero by Ales Kot May Be Headed to TV

Zero is something of a sleeper hit for Image–you hear good things about it but it’s not one of the big breakout stars like Saga or Black Science.  Still, the book, which has a different artist every month, is one of the best spy stories in the market today.  It’s good to see that they’re working to bring it to television, though I wonder if they can make the series’ use of flashbacks work on screen.  Plus, while Ales Kot’s quote about “bleak male rage” in the interview made me groan, Zero is a way better comic than he makes it sound.


Artist Nate Bellegarde Opens Up About Nowhere Men’s Delay

After months of delay and facing an uncertain future, Nowhere Men’s artist Nate Bellegarde has penned an extremely honest and open essay about the status of the series, including his struggles with depression and other health issues.  Even if you aren’t reading the series, the full essay  is well worth a read because of the frank discussion of how depression can impact your life and how long a struggle it can be to get your life back.

Jeff Parker and Sandy Jarrell Talk Upcoming Sci-Fi Coming of Age Graphic Novel 

After collaborating together on Batman ’66, these two creators talk to Multiversity Comics about their upcoming book Meteor Men, about a boy who accidentally finds himself caught between Earth and an alien invasion.

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