Incredible Indie Tuesday: Scary Memes and Rocket Girls

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The Black Hammer Dean Orston Dark Horse ComicsNew Jeff Lemire Book Tackles ‘Forgotten’ Golden Age Heroes 

He’s been doing DC cape comics for the past few years, but Jeff Lemire is now teaming up with artist Dean Ormston on an independent superhero book filled with characters that could have stepped out of the Golden Age of comic books.  The premise of The Black Hammer is that these characters were “written out of continuity” in their own superhero universe and showed up on a farm with no idea how they got there.  It’s a high concept indeed, but the character designs in the interview here are enough to get me interested.  Expect The Black Hammer from Dark Horse Comics in late 2014.  

New Horror Miniseries from James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan 

Debuting just in time for Halloween, Boom! Studios have announced Memetic, an oversized three-issue miniseries that’s all about the horror inside the Internet.  It’s about a single meme that wipes out the human race over the course of the story with each issue spanning a single 24 hour period.  Knowing the Internet, it’s probably an adorable animal meme that dooms us all.  Death by cat picture.  Really, if you think of it, there are worse ways to go.

Phil Noto Sleepy Hollow 1 Boom StudiosSleepy Hollow Comic Based on TV Show Coming from Boom!

Sleepy Hollow on FOX will be returning for a second season in the fall, and with it a new comic based on the show from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Jorge Coelho.  The series will follow man-out-of-time Ichabod Crane and Detective Abbie Mills as they face off against the Headless Horseman and various other Revolutionary War occult shenanigans (who knew there were so many?).  Hopefully Bennett and Coelho will be bringing the same fun chemistry between the actors and rich supporting cast into the comics as well!

Amy Reeder Rocket Girl 1 Image ComicsAmy Reeder and Brandon Montclare Talk Bringing Rocket Girl from Kickstarter to Trade 

Of all the sci-fi books coming out of Image Comics right now, Rocket Girl doesn’t get nearly enough love. Teen cops from the future going back to the 1980s, who doesn’t love that idea?  The creative team talks in this interview how it went from initial conception to successful Kickstarter, then over to Image Comics as an on-going with the first trade out now.

And Then Emily Was Gone 1Whole Creative Team Talks New Series ‘And Then Emily Was Gone’ 

Too often the focus of comics journalism is on just the writer or, at best, the writer and penciller on a book.  In this interview, The Beat talks to an entire creative team including letterer and colorist about the upcoming mystery series And Then Emily Was Gone.  The book is meant to be as disquieting and strange as a bad dream, and the art included with the interview definitely speaks to that.

Catie Coleman

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