Incredible Indie Tuesday: Lovely Art and Editors-in-Chief

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Tula Lotay, Supreme Blue Rose Cover, Image ComicsArtist Tula Lotay Talks New Series with USA Today

Though a relative newcomer to the comics world, all of Tula Lotay’s art on Supreme: Blue Rose looks absolutely, ridiculously good.  Add the incredible art to Warren Ellis writing a female-led sci-fi comic, and it’s like Image Comics WANT to take all my money.  This interview sheds a little more light on protagonist Diana Dane and just what’s driving her to find Supreme, the Superman-analogue of the Liefeld-y universe.

Valiant Comics Names New Editor-in-Chief

Since its 2012 relaunch, Valiant Comics has been building a new interconnected superhero universe with hits like Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody. Now Valiant Comics has a new leader to guide the efforts to carve out a niche is a superhero genre so dominated by the Big Two. Warren Simons will be bringing Valiant into the next phase of its development, including the expansion of its universe through more inter-company collaborations.

Sonny Liew, Shadow Hero CoverGene Luen Yang On Reviving First Asian-American Superhero

After big success like Boxers and Saints and Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, Gene Leun Yang is diving into the superhero genre with his upcoming graphic novel The Shadow Hero.  A revival of the Golden Age character the Green Turtle, the first Asian-American hero in comics history. Gene Leun Yang is one of the greatest creators working today, so this book is a must-read. My bet is we’ll see The Shadow Hero on awards-lists come early 2015.

Monkeybrain Co-Founder Joins IDW as Director of Operations

Allison Baker, co-founder of the digital comics publisher Monkeybrain Comics along with Chris Roberson, has joined IDW Publishing as Director of Operations. Though her work with Monkeybrain will continue, Baker will be overseeing the IDW publishing schedule including work with editorial teams and the up-and-coming IDW games division. An exciting move for Baker that may result in more collaborations with Monkeybrain Comics, possibly including more print collections of Monkeybrain’s digital works.

Editors of Barnaby Collection On Strip’s Lasting Impact

Children have been reading perennial classic Harold and the Purple Crayon for decades, but few people know that the creator, Crockett Johnson, wrote a successful and now critically acclaimed comic strip named Barnaby. Thanks to Fantagraphics publishing the original strips in new collections, Barnaby is starting to get the attention it deserves, especially from well-known cartoonists like Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware. Robot 6 has an extensive interview with Fantagraphic’s editors on Barnaby’s influence and why it resonates with readers today.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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