Disney Drops new Big Hero 6 Trailer

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Disney just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Big Hero 6, and it is worth a watch. With humor, action, and a fast paced pop song, the new trailer is hitting all the right beats to pump up audiences for this new animated feature. This is Disney’s first animated Marvel franchise film, and if the trailer is any indicator, they might just get it right on the first try.

Big Hero 6 hurls us into San Fransokyo, an amalgam of two of the world’s most iconic cities that promises heroes whizzing past neon signs and trolly cars to make it home before curfew. The trailer introduces us to the main character Hiro Hamada and robot Baymax, delving further into relationship established in the teaser released earlier this year. The boy and his robot dynamic is charming as ever. Though this trailer focuses on Hiro and Baymax, the rest of the team has been getting some love since the cast was announced earlier this week.BIG HERO 6

BIG HERO 6This may be a first one for Hollywood, so brace yourself. The cast is just as diverse as the characters. There are characters of colour. There are women. Yes, that’s right. Women. Plural. With athletic Go Go Tamago, and geeky chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, it’s exciting to see distinct female characters with the potential to be developed beyond than the strong female character trope. Though I must admit, I am wary of the latter’s transformation from geeky girl into suited up super babe. I could really do without a 90s rom com ditch the glasses, become a babe makeover for Honey Lemon.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. This looks like a fun ride…but will it pass the bechdel test? Hopefully we won’t have to wait until it hits theaters on November 7 to find out.

LB Royal

LB Royal

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