August All Ages Comics/Books

Steven Universe banner, Cartoon Network, 2014, created by Rebecca Sugar

Benny and Penny in Lost and Foundbenny and penny in lost and found, toon-books, Geoffrey Hayes,
Geoffrey Hayes (W & A)
Release date 8/5

Those two adorable mouse ragamuffins are back at it. This time they get lost! How will they find their way home? This is from TOON-Books, and everything those people touch is guaranteed awesomeness.

Steven Universe Issue #1
Jeremy Sorese (W)
Coleman Engle (A)
BOOM! Studios
Release Date 8/6

Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe is now a comic book! In this highly anticipated first issue, Steven is planning to enter the Beach City Bike Race, but not everyone is sure it’s such a good idea. He isn’t as experienced as his competition, so his friends decide to help him get prepared, in their own way. *Wink*

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #22my little pony friendship is magic, IDW
Ted Anderson (W)
Agnes Garbowska (A)
Release Date 8/13

Trixie is a suspect in a diamond theft in Manehattan. Will the group finally discover the identity of the dastardly jewel thief?

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
Rick Riordan (W)
John Rocco (A)
Release Date 8/19

Read Greek mythology as explained by the son of Neptune himself, demigod Percy Jackson. Percy dishes the gossip on most of the gods, including Apollo, Hades, and Zeus.

Amulet #6: Escape From LucienAmulet #6: escape from lucien, Kazu Kibuishi, GRAPHIX
Kazu Kibuishi (W & A)
Release Date 8/26

Navin and his schoolmates go on a quest to the war torn city of Lucien in order to locate a beacon integral to defeat the Elf King.

Raina Telgemeier (W & A)
Release Date 8/26

Raina eagerly waits to have a little sister. Her new sibling is adorable, but does not play well with others. They end up emotionally distant from each other for years, until one day a couple things change in their home life: they have a little brother on the way, and their parents seem unhappy with each other. The girls need to come together to face this particular set of growing pains.

Theseus and the Minotaurtheseus and the minotaur, TOON-Books, Yvan Pommaux,
Yvan Pommaux (W & A)
Release Date 8/26

Yes, this is a second TOON-Book in this post, but seriously, don’t miss any of their books! They’re lovely. And now they’re branching into mythology with the story of Theseus and the Minotaur It’s extra lovely!

The Fourteenth GoldfishFourteenth Goldfish, Jennifer L. Holm, random house
Jennifer L. Holms
Random House Books for Young Readers
Release Date 8/26

Ellie Cruz is an eleven year old dealing with the usual adolescent crud. She is losing touch with her closest friend, her classes are getting trickier, so on. Really, middle school is one of the toughest time periods of life. To make matters more interesting, her grandfather has developed a serum that reverses his age, and he turns himself into a teenager. They start hanging out, and hilarity ensues.

[You can find my review of it here.]
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