Mighty Marvel Monday: Shiny!

It’s Mighty Marvel Monday, home of suspicious eyebrow-raising regarding casting choices! Let’s dive right into it:

Rumors abound that none other than Captain Mal Reynolds himself, Nathan Fillion, will nathan-fillion-ftrbe featured as Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians director James Gunn shut that down pretty quickly, striking the idea that Fillion will play Nova, but confirming that he will have a “small, fun” cameo in the film. WHAT IS IT. I must know.

Speaking of Guardians, some new high-quality still have been released. Nothing we haven’t really seen before in the trailers, except for a better look at my husband Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser.

Her Universe debuted a new line of Marvel apparel this week, adding to my already lengthy list of “cardigans I desperately want to own.”

Rosario Dawson will be appearing in the Netflix Daredevil series, in an as-of-yet unnamed role. From the mouth of Marvel: “her role in the series is absolutely critical to Matt Murdock’s journey to become the hero we know as Daredevil.” Any guesses as to who Dawson is playing?

The first episode of the new Women of Marvel podcast aired this week, with Marvel social media manager Adri Cowan, producer Judy Stephens, and editors Sana Amanat and Jeanine Schaefer. The podcast also has an official tumblr, which you can follow here.

Marvel is apparently looking at Prometheus scriptwriter Jon Spaihts to write the upcoming Doctor Strange film. Now I’m worried that this movie will have phallic aliens and terrifying DIY staple-gun surgery.

Picture not related.
Picture not related. 

While not particularly sexy or glamorous in terms of comics news, the current ongoing court case of Jack Kirby’s heirs versus Marvel is an interesting look at how unstructured the early days of the comic book industry were. It’s an interesting read for anyone fascinated by comic history or intellectual copyright law.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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