Kickstarter of the Week: Toe Tag Riot

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Toe Tag Riot Cover, Von GormanMatt Miner (Liberator, Occupy Comics) and Sean Von Gorman (Occupy Comics, FUBAR) are teaming up again, this time for a comic about zombie punks eating racists and homophobes. Eating them in the un-fun way, I mean.

As of writing, Toe Tag Riot is $690 and thirty-one hours away from meeting its goal on Kickstarter. If funded, the creators promise “a hilariously gory mash up of things like Night of the Living Dead, a GWAR live show, and hardcore punk.”

Toe Tag Riot (I mean the band, guys, keep up) struggled to find its niche in the early 2000s post-pop-punk punk scene, until they pissed off the wrong witch. She cursed them to become the decomposing, sort of living dead — but only when they perform. The goal was to destroy their sort of burgeoning careers, but it had the opposite effect — the free SFX just propelled them to the punk version of superstardom. (So like, they didn’t have to pay the venue to play in it anymore?) But as the years go by and their stars rise, de-zombying comes harder and harder. Is this the last of zombie punk rawk? Surely not! The band elects to embark on a cross country tour in search of answers, possibly a cure and/or zombie-life balance, and well, they’ve got to eat don’t they? Why not the Westboro Baptist Chruch. Indeed, why not?

Toe Tag Riot, Von GormonMiner and Von  Gorman are looking to raise $19,000, which will go to paying the team, production costs, Kickstarter rewards, and shipping of said rewards. These include the usual variant covers, sketches, and signed prints — but if you go all out and drop $100, you can get a zombie portrait of the noun of your choice from Jonathan Brandon Sawyer. Come on, already!

The book has been picked up by an as yet unnamed publishing house, and they, not the creators themselves (who are, it should be said, experienced crowdfunders and self-publishers) will be distributing the book, so there’s little risk in supporting the book — only that it won’t make it’s goal, so fund fund fund!

There’s a free, uncoloured preview of the first issue available on the Kickstarter site, so you can check it out, if you remain unconvinced. I can only say that it promises exactly what I’d expect from these two: fast-paced, no-bullshit storytelling, an uncompromising commitment to progressivism, hilarity, and obviously enough, a punk sensibility.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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