Incredible Indie Tuesday: Creepy Webcomics Bonanza!

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Web-Comic Broodhollow Blends the Cute and the Creepy

Larry Cruz at Robot 6 looks at Kris Staub’s webcomic Broodhollow which manages to be both adorable and one of the scariest comics being published right now.  The first complete chapter of this webcomic is up here to catch up on the series and follow along with the on-going saga of poor Wadsworth Zane.

New Emily Carroll Comic Promises More Fairy Tale Dreadhollow

Speaking of beautiful yet eerie webcomics!  Emily Carroll has put up a new comic on her site,  The Hole the Fox Did Make If it’s anything like her previous work such as His Face All Red or Out of Skin it will be lovely and scary all at once.  Her new book comes out this summer, so for those print-readers you’ll be able to get your hands on her gorgeous but strange work.

Long-Awaited Powers TV Series Announced at E3 From Sony

Brian Michael Bendis’ and Michael Avon Oeming’s Powers, a police procedural set in a world of superheroes, got its official announcement at the gaming’s world recent E3 convention.  The series, a live-action hour long show, will be the first in Sony’s plan to release original content on its Playstation Network.  A 10 episode first season has been promised and hopefully we may see some footage or a trailer at San Diego Comic Con.  .

Creator Interviews! 

Monkeybrain Creator Dylan Todd Talks Comic Design

There’s so much  more to comic creation than just words and pictures on a page, and it can be so easily overlooked.  Comics designer Dylan Todd talks about the importance of logo design and layouts and how he developed them for publisher Monkeybrain Comics.

Joe Casey on Living Up to the Kirby Legacy in Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers

The “king of comics” Jack Kirby might be most famously associated with characters like Captain America and the New Gods, but his incredible vision and knack for great storytelling wasn’t just limited to the Big Two publishers.  A reboot of one of his series Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers will be arriving soon from Dynamite Entertainment, and writer Joe Casey discusses Kirby’s influence on the medium and what it’s like to take on his original characters.

Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm talk The Spread

This creator-owned comic, which started out as a little comic being sold at cons, is described as Lone Wolf and Cub meets The Thing, a mash-up that immediately grabs my attention.  Looks like more delicious horror coming out from Image Comics!


Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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