Spring Reading 2014

Feature Image, public domain, Mark Trail's Adventure book of nature

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Eric Shanower and Skottie YoungSkottie Young, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, cowardly lion

Marvel Comics

After a long, cold winter filled with grey skies (like the grey plains of Kansas), nothing feels better than a road trip in warm weather. Dorothy and her friends have the ultimate on-the-road adventure in the land of Oz, and anyone is invited to vicariously join in the fun. Your escapist fantasy will be made all the more complete with the artwork of Skottie Young. His visuals are as beautiful as pressed flowers. Hang up your snowsuit and take this series to the park for a fine start to spring.

— Lana

And Then it’s Spring

Erin Stead and Julie Fogliano

Roaring Brook Press

In between the time that winter ends and spring begins is that awful mushy, muddy, chilly, yet tantalizing sunny period. Normally this lasts the entire month of March, but it’s been known to switch it up from year to year. It should be considered a mini season and have it’s own name. Alas, it does not, and is considered a part of spring. And Then It’s Spring pays homage to The Month of Brown with delicate, thoughtful illustrations of nature peeking out and animals stirring. Get ready for things to start popping with this fantastic picture book.

— Lana

Grasshopper Jungle

Smith, AndrewGrasshopper Jungle, Andrew Smith,

Dutton Juvenile

Inside this attractive neon green book with bright, yellow tipped pages you will find a vintage style creature feature, a bisexual love triangle, a campy small town drama, and a survival bunker equipped to house the new humans!

— Jennie

Necklace of Kisses

Francesca Lia Block

Harper CollinsNecklace of Kisses, Francesa Lia Block, Harper

Francesca Lia Block’s Weetzie Bat is back, but the tinsel is a little tarnished this time around. So, she packs a tiny white suitcase printed with pink roses and sneaks away to a pink hotel that’s home to captive mermaids, fauns, angels, divas, and mysteries. Weetzie is an adult woman who feels like a child, mourns her lover and their lack of passion, and wonders if a lost kiss twenty years ago was a mistake. Her journey is a perfect spring story of beginnings and self-realizations, covered in a thick layer of flowers and glitter.

— Sarah

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

Publisher of all this. Megan was born in Toronto. She's still there. Philosopher, space vampire, heart of a killer.