News & Things: Star Wars Fades Out

“The Fade Out,” New From Brubaker & PhillipsFadeOut

Hot off their exclusive contract with Image, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have a new title that is about — wait for it — vintage style noir crime! Still, the book looks gorgeous and this is Brubaker’s wheelhouse — what are you going to do? Not read it?


August Marks The Beginning of the End for Star Wars/Dark Horse

There’s an official-ish date for the last series of Star Wars comics from Dark Horse: August will be the last month that any new Star Wars titles begin, with a few wrapping up over the course of the fall. Dark Horse lost their 23-year deal with the Star Wars license to Disney/Marvel last year.


Doctor Who Will Deign to Allow A Woman To Direct

Notoriously bad with how it handles women in front of and behind the camera, Doctor Who will have its first female directed episodes (by Tank Girl’s Rachel Talalay) since 2010 in the upcoming season.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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