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Stock: Anakin Being Dramatic

Watch the Trailer for Upcoming Animated Star Wars Series, Star Wars Rebels

It’s heeeere. I’m more of an animated Star Wars gal myself, so I’m hopeful.

FCBD From Around the World! 

CBR has a roundup of photos from the big day, from Australia to Arizona.


Game of Throes: Rape Is Not a Shortcut to Narrative Substance

Rachel Ediden takes aim at Game of Thrones, and in case you doubted, it’s a direct hit.

The Racist Roots of the Black Comic Book Villain

The Black Panther and Power-Man were among the first super heroes of African descent. But there were many obscure black villains and anti-heroes created around them with some storylines that were flat out racist.

Black Panther’s archenemy was Man-Ape.  He first appeared in Avengers #62 (1969) and gets his powers from bathing in blood and eating the flesh of the white gorilla, giving him superhuman strength and agility from the transformation.  A large black man, in a white gorilla suit, juxtaposed against the racist idea of black men behaving savagely and looking like apes sounds more than a little bit racist.

And finally…

Chris Schweizer did this great Muppet Star Wars piece for @SketchDailies.

Muppet Star Wars by Chris Schweizer

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