News & Things: Hellblazin’


New Trailer for NBC’s Constantine

Mick Rawson sure looks the part as Vertigo’s occult detective John Constantine.

Marc Guggenheim on X-Men

The executive producer of Arrow talks about his upcoming run on the female-led X-Men book, taking the team into space, and more.


Will There Ever Be Another Great Sprite Comic?

Sprite comics used to be all over the internet–now, years after the end of the popular 8-Bit Theater webcomic, Larry Cruz wonders what’s next.

Encore!: Unbreakable

Nathan Rabin re-examines M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable,”the most melancholy superhero film ever made.”

Kayleigh Hearn

Kayleigh Hearn

Still waiting for her Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters acceptance letter. Bylines also at Deadshirt, Ms-En-Scene, The MNT, PanelxPanel, and Talk Film Society.