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It’s Friday! End of the working week, beginning of the weekend, official start date for when Robert Smith is in love (versus other days of the week). All week, we’ve been bringing you news tailored to a couple of individual topicsMarvel (with me!), Indie comics, games, books (without pictures! Can you believe it?), etc. So now on Fridays, you get to rejoin me in recapping some of what went on this week and discussing it a little further. If you’ve got more to say on any of these topics, sound off in the comments, or tweet at us (@womenoncomics) or me (@ivynoelle)!

A new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer dropped this week, which excited many people.

Image from The LA Times.
Image from The LA Times.

Though at this point, I sincerely wonder: are you allowed to be anything other than totally pumped for this movie? Like, if someone watched this trailer and was like, “meh,” would they be set aflame by an angry mob of nerds with pitchforks and torches? Just wondering.

Zach Snyder’s much-talked-about upcoming Bat-Supes movie got its official title (other than, y’know, Batman Versus Superman): “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Using the internet quippy one-liner posting service Twitter, a number of people offered clever bon mots on how dumb this movie’s name is:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.08.36 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.08.12 AM

In addition, screenwriter of Batman Vincent Superman, David S. Goyer, said some real dumb things concerning She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter (look for more coverage on this from me!).

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.40.18 AM

Something of a hubbub ensued after the New York Times posted an article discussing whether or not “Trigger Warnings” should be issued on works of classic literature that college students are required to read. The majority reaction seemed to be that people easily triggered by topics such as violence, rape, racism, and all that uplifting stuff that most classic literature classes shove down your throat should just buck up and deal, because CENSORSHIP!! There have been some excellent response pieces written, like this one by Rebecca Joines Schinsky, and no matter where you fall on the topic, at least it’s got people talking.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.36.49 AM

Accessibility Jam, a three-week long initiative seeking to make game developers more aware of the needs of disabled gamers, started up! You’ve still got nine days to spread this site around and do your piece of good in the world. If this was a topic you weren’t aware of, or didn’t know much about, I really suggest checking out this site.

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