Introducing Incredible Indie Tuesday!

As we tweak the site’s approach to the news, we knew that you, beloved readers, don’t just love the Big Two with all their pomp, circumstance and horrible history of wronging creators.  So every Tuesday we’ll be focusing on the independent side of comic news.

Indie, for the purposes of this weekly feature, will be all the comics fit to print except for the Big Two, including Image, Dark Horse, and the many other fantastic publishers putting out independent content.  It’s a weekly look at the world of indie books, especially creator-owned work because the only thing better than comics are comics that actually benefit the people making them!


Bob’s Burgers to Bring Delightful Weirdness to Dynamite BobsBurgers01-Cov-Roth

Fans of comic adaptations of cartoons, truly, we live in a golden age.  Dynamite is adapting FOX’s hit animated show Bob’s Burgers into comics with the first issue out in August, the perfect addition to BOOM! Studio’s Adventure Time and Regular Show cartoon line-up.  For anyone who hasn’t watched this show yet, now is the perfect reason to start watching!  You won’t regret it.  Besides the hilarity, you can be in on Tina Belcher’s sexual revolution.

Image Comics Gets Comixology-Run iOS App 

Only a few weeks after Comixology pulled in-app purchases from its main iOS app, Image Comics has rolled out a new separate app for its iOS users.  Notably, this new app will allow in-app purchases while the main Comixology app won’t, just like the DC and Marvel apps do.  So if you can still buy Image, DC and Marvel in-app through their separate apps…what’s the point of removing it from the main Comixology app?  My advice: skip this and buy them the DRM-free copies on the Image Comics site directly.

boombox_lumberjanes_002_aHooray!  Lumberjanes Becomes an On-Going Series 

Originally planned as an eight-issue limited series, Lumberjanes will now be an on-going series promising readers all the adventures, friendship and critters they could want.  The series’ first issue from BOOM! Studios has been critically acclaimed and sold out, so it’s great to see the creators want to extend the series.  I foresee lots of adorable Lumberjanes cosplay hitting this year’s con season.

Chew to Become New Tabletop Game Series

Fresh off the announcement of an animated adaptation starring Steve Yeun and Felicia Day, Chew will now be coming to an all-new media: the world of tabletop gaming.  A series of games are planned to begin in 2015 from IDW Gaming, and creators John Layman and Rob Guillory are involved in the production.  It’s awesome to see the adventures of Tony Chu brought to a new audience who may be into gaming but not comics.

Dark Horse’s Future Looks Bright 

This is a nice look from at Dark Horse’s fortunes as a company, and why the loss of the Star Wars license may not hurt the company as much as the industry thinks.  Dark Horse is consistently the fourth-largest publisher in the industry with industry stand-bys like the Hellboy-verse along with creator-owned titles like Matt Kindt’s incredible and bizarre MIND MGMT.  With its blend of licensing and independent work, Dark Horse has created a unique niche in the industry, and hopefully it will stick around for a long time.

Watson & Holmes Take Home 4 Glyph Awards watson-holmes6

The totally awesome and sadly overlooked Watson & Holmes  led the pack in the Glyph Awards, taking home 4 prizes from the awards that focus on portrayal of African Americans in comics.  Watson & Holmes is an adaptation of the classic Conan Doyle detective set in present-day Harlem, and it is completely awesome.  If you like Sherlock or Elementary, you should do yourself a favor and pick up the first issue on Comixology to check out.


And finally…creator interviews!  


There are so many great creator-owned books coming out every week, and it can be hard to know what to pick up or who’s putting out a book when.  Here’s a little showcase of who’s talking about their fun new books this week.


Kieron Gillen Talks Up The Wicked and the Divine 

Coming out next month, The Wicked and the Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is all about gods and celebrity and a world where the two are blurred.



Jim Zub Discusses Upcoming Comic Full of Japanese Mythology and Teens 

Describing the upcoming series as “teens fighting monsters,” writer Jim Zub talks Wayward, a new series coming out this August from Image Comics.  The series is set in Tokyo and features lots of Japanese mythology, which will be a fun contrast to the other fantasy titles on the stand.


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