News & Things: Thanos Is (Kind Of) Cast, Wolverine Is (Definitely) Dead

Featured image: The Death of Wolverine

Blondie01J.H. Williams III Reveals Cover Art for New Blondie Album

Creator of all things beautiful and trippy, Sandman: Overture and  (formerly) Batwoman’s J.H. Williams III, made a predictably beautiful and trippy image for the cover of a new Blondie album. Also, yes, Blondie still puts out albums: a surprise to us all!

Marvel Casts Thanos, In An Exciting Piece Of Non-News

The official word from Marvel Studios on Thanos’ casting: “there is an actor” who will play the Infinity Gauntlet wielding villain. Related news: there “will be cameras” that film the movie and “there will be music” composing the soundtrack.

Wolverine To Totally Die Next Year

Charles Soule, seemingly Marvel’s new wonderboy, will be writing a four-issue weekly (!) miniseries that kills off the Marvel universe’s most ubiquitous mutant (who has been living without his trademark healing factor for the past year or so). You guys, he is really going to be dead this time. Because we, as comic fans, know that when a character dies, they stay dead. Forever. So say goodbye to Wolvie because he is really going to be for real deadsies.

Image Via Newsarama
Image Via Newsarama

Man Of Steel “Batman Vs. Superman” Cast Gains Another Member

Actor Ray Fisher has been cast as Cyborg in the upcoming Snyder hot mess that is Batman Vs. Superman. At some point they will stop lying to all of us and just call this a Justice League Movie, right? Also, I’m including this photo of Fisher because I just love it so much. I hope he does this much angry pointing as Victor Stone.

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