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Attack on Titan Gets Real7319501

Attack on Titan, the anime/manga hit that’s blowing up in the US (seriously– have you been to a con lately and not seen one of those little platoons of SNK cosplayers?) celebrated  30 million volumes sold by publisher Kodansha by projecting this amazing (and super creepy) Titan in Kawasaki, Japan.

Official_Handbook_of_the_Marvel_Universe_Vol_4_11_Textless“Days of Future Past” Sequel to Be…Apocalyptic

Brian Singer is already looking ahead past this Summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and planning the third movie in this most recent X-Men reboot — possibly, maybe, kinda a tiny bit based on super-famous X-story arc Age of Apocalypse partially written by Scott Lobdell and Mark Waid

New Images From GoTG

Guardians of the Galaxy is starting to take the Captain America route of slightly oversaturated teasers…except these ones are inherently more exciting because Guardians.

Fiona Staples! Yay!

Saga penciller Fiona Staples talks to the Mary Sue about new projects, book recommendations, and the need for a Big Barda movie.

And Finally…

Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock finishes up his “All New Marvel Now!” week with a song about everyone’s favorite green lawyer, Jennifer Walters:


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