News & Things: Justice League Movie Announced (yay?) But No Wonder Woman (boo!)

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Justice LeagueWarner Brothers Announces Justice League film, is “warm” to a Wonder Woman film

The long-awaited announcement for a Justice League movie has finally come out with Man of Steel’s Zach Snyder at the helm.   They announced there are 9 films in development, including adaptations of Shazam, Fables, and the Metal Men.  But don’t worry folks, they are “warm” to the idea of a Wonder Woman film, and “with the right script, that could be viable.”  Because, you know, no fears about the goddamn Metal Men, but that Wonder Woman, she can be tricky!  Heidi at the Beat has a great look at the news, including what it means for Warner Brothers’ long-term cinematic plans and how they differ from Marvel.

star-wars-chewbacca-harrison-ford-404x600New Star Wars Films Won’t Follow or Fit into Extended Universe

As many expected, it was officially announced that the upcoming Star Wars films won’t abide by the canon established in the Extended Universe via books, comics, and games.  The intent is for everything going forward from the main movies to cartoons to be part of a unified singular canon with some concepts pulled from the existing Extended Universe and others brand new.  Looks like we won’t be seeing Jacen and Jaina Solo on the big screen after all.

Comixology removes in-app purchasing from Apple devices

Just a few short weeks after Amazon’s acquisition of Comixology, the company has rolled out a new version of its ios app that no longer allows users to make in-app purchases.  Instead, they need to go through Comixology’s web site, buy the books, then download them onto their devices to read.  Presumably this is to get around giving Apple its 30% cut of all purchases made through the app.  On one hand, purchases through the web site give creators a bigger cut of digital sales.  On the other hand, this is going to be a real pain in the ass for all those people who used the app exclusively and might lower overall sales.  Comixology is offering all users a $5.00 credit to ease the blow, but it still doesn’t seem like a popular change among users.

And finally…

batwoman-proposal-picOne Batwoman, Three Authors, Three Examples of Queer Life

A great guest post on DC Women Kicking Ass looks at the different iterations of Kate Kane as she’s been written by her three main writers:  Greg Rucka on Detective Comics, J.H. Williams III (and Hayden Blackmun) on the initial run of Batwoman, and her current writer Marc Andreyko.  Each one focuses on a different aspect of Kate as a gay woman and the experiences of living as an LGBTQ individual in today’s society.  As a queer lady myself, I’m not sure I buy all the author’s arguments, but I love seeing this kind of deep analysis of my favorite characters.  Plus, I’m thrilled to have LGBTQ issues in comics be examined by actual individuals who identify as queer!


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