News & Things: Captain America, Fuck Yeah

Hellboy in Hell, Mike Mignola

Captain America 2 Tops $300 Million WorldwideCaptain America: Winter Soldier poster

The superhero sequel is a smash, earning $96.2 million in its first domestic weekend and setting a new release record for April. America, Fuck Yeah!

Mike Mignola’s Tour of Hellboy in Hell

Mignola gives the AV Club an extensive interview about the first five issues of Hellboy in Hell:

I did know once I had Hellboy underwater with mermaids, and once I got him back and made him the heir to the throne of England—I did know that I’d gotten so far from where that character used to be that he was headed for hell. There are certain things you do with a character where you go, “I can’t turn back now.” Sometimes those dominoes start falling faster than you anticipate and you get some place you knew you were going, but you get there sooner than you thought and that’s what happened.


House of 1000 Manga: Nijigahara Holograph

A review of Inio Asano’s complex, perplexing manga about “the dirty secrets and ugly truths beneath everyday life.”

And Finally…

Check out One-Shot Gallery’s “Great Villains of Gotham.” *insert Frank Gorshin laugh here*

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