News & Things: Terry Crews as Luke Cage?


Kevin Feige talks female-led movies again, still doesn’t announce one will come out

Marvel Studio Present Kevin Feige is asked AGAIN about when we’re going to see a female-led movie, and he hems and haws about it.  Black Widow being in movies named after lead guys is totally like her having her own movie, guys!  But he does mention discussion about Captain Marvel getting a film, which is exciting but ‘discussion’ is far from it actually happening.  Give me an official announcement, or give me death.

First Pictures of Zoe Saldana as lead in Rosemary’s Baby miniseries remake 

Zoe Saldana is starring in a new production of Rosemary’s Baby, the classic horror story of a mother slowly starting to discover something is very wrong with her pregnancy.  On the one hand, the original Rosemary’s Baby is an incredible movie and doesn’t need to be remade.  On the other hand, it’ll be nice to be able to watch this one without having guilt over supporting Roman Polanski.  Let’s just hope that the miniseries is better than Zoe’s wig in these stills, because wow, that hair piece is just tragic.

DC Canceling Larfleeze in July 

Larfleeze, the Green Lantern spin off comic, is ending with issue 12 in July.  I think the really shocking thing is that it lasted 12 whole issues.  Seriously, DC, I don’t see Renee Montoya in 3 years of New 52, but Larfleeze got 12 issues?


BBC Airs Documentary on Frank Quitely 

As part of a series on artists’ day-to-day lives, BBC has produced a thirty-minute documentary about acclaimed comic writer Frank Quitely.  Known for his frequent collaboration with Grant Morrison on titles like All-Star Superman and Batman and Robin, Quitely is an incredibly talented artist with a distinct, expressive style.  You can watch the whole documentary at the link.

And finally…

Luke Cage Terry Crews

Five Reasons Terry Crews Would Be the Perfect Luke Cage 

CBR breaks down all the reasons why Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Terry Crews is the perfect casting for the upcoming Luke Cage Netflix miniseries.  Anyone who’s watched him on Brooklyn Nine Nine knows that Terry Crews is absolutely hilarious, but he’s got the acting chops to bring the drama too.  Plus he’s publicly said he wants Marvel to call him for the part!  Call him, Marvel, call him!

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