Buffy Challenge Season 3

Buffy Jo Chen Dark Horse

Season 3


Character Arc: Gone Girl to White Knightress

Principal: Snyder

This is where the plot actually start to gel. Characters start to make choices based on who they are. Things really start moving! This doesn’t mean I LIKE everything that happens. IN FACT I AM QUITE GRUMPY about certain things. *grump* #TeamOz

Watch for: Counselor SMOKING in his office. David Boreanaz shirtless Tai Chi, Badass Willow and Xander, a BLATANT rip off of Blade.

Watch out for: Beer Causes Rape posters.

Best Episode: The Prom: (cuz ALL THE FEELS); The Zeppo: (very out of formula. Lots of fun).

Worst Episode: Dead Man’s party. MEH. Zombies and angst.

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