News & Things: Valentine’s Day with Black Widow

Hey all, Ivy here with Catie, one of our newest writers, and all the news that’s fit to print…err, blog! (“Yay! Hi, Catie!” is what you say.)

Marvel Confirms: Potential Black Widow Solo Movie Possibly In the Works (Maybe)

President of Production for Marvel Kevin Feige said a vague thing about Black Widow’s role in Captain America: The Winter Solider (“We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film. The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.”) and the Internet EXPLODED.

Lil’ Gotham Figures Based on Dustin Nguyen’s Designs On the Way!DustinNguyenHarleyToy

HOLY CUTENESS, BATMAN! Action figures based on artist Dustin Nguyen’s characters from the adorable and delightful Lil’ Gotham series will be available from DC Collectibles.

First Look at “Guardians’” Groot and Rocket Raccoon?

This gif is making the rounds and even if it’s not “official”, it is BAD ASS.

“Hater Free Wednesdays” Seeks to Provide Safe Spaces for Comic Readers

Perhaps in response to Noelle Stevenson’s post about feeling unsafe and unwanted in comic book spaces, a Tumblr has popped up listing a confirmed list of shops that are accepting to minority comic fans. Readers of the list are encouraged to speak up if they feel a shop is not safe.

Gotham TV pilot finds its Harvey Bullock

More casting news on the upcoming Gordon-centric Gotham tv show as Fox announces it has cast Donal Logue as a young Harvey Bullock.  Logue is a great actor who has been some awesome, criminally underrated shows, like Terriers and Life, and he seems like a perfect choice for a key GCPD character like Bullock.  Plus, Sarah Essen is going to be a woman of color!

JL8 Creator is (finally!) writing a series DC children’s books

Yale Stewart, the cartoonist behind the adorably awesome webcomic JL8 about the members of the Justice League as little kids, has revealed he will be working on a series of Superman-based children’s books through Capstone Publishing.  Starting with The Amazing Adventures of Superman and promising future team-ups with Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash, these will be the perfect way to hook all the kids you know on superheroes.


Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims Reviews Store-Bought Superhero Valentines

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and Chris Sims has a hilarious look at some of the Valentine’s on offer for the younger set. Takeaway quote: “I haven’t been keeping up with Ultimate Spider-Man lately, but does Spider-Man have a flying motorcycle now? If so, that’s rad, but it also sets up a standard that you might not be able to live up to. I mean, if this card works but you don’t show up to pick up your date dressed as Spider-Man on a flying motorcycle, I think we’re all going to be a little disappointed.”

A Look Back at the History of Black Widow

With her own series and now potential solo movie, everyone’s talking about Natasha lately. Marvel’s offering a look back at her illustrious career.

Batman Eternal Could Bring Female Characters to Forefront

*spoilers for Batman 28*  Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass takes a spoiler-filled look at what Batman’s latest issue reveals about the upcoming weekly series, and how it seems that the female Bat characters may soon be enjoying some time in the spotlight.  To say more would reveal too much about the issue, but it may mean good things for those who like some of the awesome ladies Gotham City has to offer.

Comics and the Diminishing Role of the Artist in the Medium

A really interesting piece from David Harper about mainstream comics culture, where writers have become the superstars and artists are, well, just the people who have to draw the actual comic.  Harper offers theories on why this has happened, like Marvel’s move toward double-shipping, and why it’s bad for artists and the comics world as a whole.

And finally…

 So many great Comic-themed Valentines have been popping up around the Internet — show us your favorites!


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