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Down East NurseKobo Taking Over Sony’s E-Reader Business

Once the industry leader, Sony’s e-reader business has been flagging for years. Now they’re giving it, and the PC market, up for greener pastures. Canadian e-reader company Kobo will take over the Sony Reader store. Trust me, you’ll like them. Their transition FAQ is here.

Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars

The Nation is seeking letters in response to its recent click-bait editorial about the evils of new feminism. You can send yours to, but be aware of what part you’re playing in their master editorial plan.

Some Familiar Names Return to DC Comics With Some New White Washed Faces

DC Women Kicking Ass looks at yet more whitewashing from DC Comics.

Toronto Public Library Sponsors A Romance Cover Vandalizing Event

Attention disgruntled Toronto teens, on Valentines Day you can take out your rage on romance novels, courtesy of the TPL!

Artists Launch ‘Draw-In’ Campaign Over Jailed Tunisia Cartoonist

Artists launched a drawing campaign in support of Tunisian cartoonist Jabeur Mejri, jailed over caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed. 100 Drawings for Jabeur includes artists from over a dozen countries.


G. Willow Wilson did a Q&A for the Ms. Marvel launch. It clocks in at a whopping hour and three minutes, but it’s sweet, engaging, and informative.

And finally…

There’s an I, Frankenstein makeup and training featurette. Do we care? I’m not sure.

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