News & Things: Crossovers, Conventions and Couture

Chew Banner, by Rob Guillory,

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s news day! Megan P. and I share our latest and greatest tidbits for you to check out and be informed. Cheerio, off you go.


CHEW/Revival, by Rob Guillory

ReedPOP Planning a New Two-Day NYC Comic Convention

No word yet on guests or programming, but this “pure comics-focused” convention aims to capture the feel of NYCC’s Artist’s Alley: all comics, and none of the bells, whistles and related geek products. The convention will run June 14-15 and will accommodate 10-15,000 guests.

Image Announces a Chew/Revival Crossover

Set to be released on May 28, the crossover will find Chew’s Tony Chu visiting rural Wisconsin. Sounds like this mashup is interesting enough for both fans of the quirky Chew series and the rural noir Revival and those timid readers who’ve never read either.

Star Wars Dresses Hit the Runway at New York’s Fashion Week

Rodarte showcased five stunning gowns featuring Star Wars images on silk. Unfortunately the gowns are not for sale.


Mapping Out Isabel Greenberg’s Encyclopedia of Early Earth

This mid-length CBR interview looks at the genesis and architecture of the bestselling book, and what she’s working on next.

Cartoonist Al Jaffe Reveals the One Fold-In MAD Magazine Wouldn’t Run

How does a MAD fold-in work? Jaffe says, “It’s the nature of creative work that as you go along, little bits and pieces become visible to you and you start picturing them. It’s almost like the brain is a Google searching tool where you’re looking at one thing over here and your brain is searching for things that look like that, that you can integrate with it.”

Women buy merch? Kate or Die’s Merch Ado

Kate Leth’s new webcomic at Comics Alliance Presents highlighting the subtle fact that women comics fans do spend a bit of coin on merchandise. So why is it so hard to find tshirts that fit?

And finally…

World Premier Party for BOOM Studios! The Joyners in 3D

For those lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, the world premiere party for the much-awaited  “The Joyners in 3D” is happening Wednesday at Secret Headquarters.

The Joyners In 3D Poster

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  1. I’m interested to see who ReedPop gets for their new event. Someone said it’s the same weekend as Denver Comic-Con and around the time of HeroesCon.

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