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Rocket Raccoon Gets His Own Series from Skottie YoungRocket-Raccoon-Skottie-Young

How stoked are you after that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer premiere? Need more Guardians in your life? July 2nd, you can pick up everyone’s krutacking favorite raccoon in his own solo book from fan-favorite artist Skottie Young.

 First Teaser Released for Orphan Black Season 2

First: if you don’t love Orphan Black, you are wrong. For the rest of you: hold on until April!

 Writer Attached to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman Movie

Jack Thorne, whose former credits include Skins and the upcoming A Long Way Down, is attached to everyone’s fantasy boyfriend’s Neil Gaiman adaptation.


Christina Blanch On Her New Online Course

Christina Blanch talks to Bleeding Cool about her latest Massive Open Online Course, Social Issues Through Comic Books. This course is a fantastic opportunity to educate yourself about issues in the comics medium and community — check out what Christina has to say about it!

And Finally…

 Fight Evil by Moonlight in These New Hoodies from Rarity’s Boutique!


Can I…can I have all of them?

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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