Erica Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy

Erica Moen, widely known for her time on Penny Arcade’s reality webseries, Strip Search, has launched a Patreon page for Oh Joy Sex Toy.

tumblr_mlv6yxnPuy1qa10uwo1_500Oh Joy Sex Toy is a sex-positive, weekly webcomic started in April 2013. The strips offer personal perspective from Erica and her husband Matthew on a wide range of topics such as reviews of sex toys, tips on long distance relationships and contraception. On top of that, the way each comic is crafted to displays healthy relationships and diversity of body type, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. In line with supporting sex education, the main site displays a link for easy donations to Planned Parenthood.

According her Patreon page, the decision to try crowdfunding came from the fluctuation in the already modest monthly income from the other revenue sources. Also, due to the time it takes to work on the comic, it has limited her ability to work on freelance projects. Since Patreon allows patrons to subscribe to projects they want to support, it provides artists with a steady stream of income to the artists. Erica’s page offers two different support levels: at $1 per update, patrons can view her post daily progress on a patrons-only activity stream, and at the $5 per update, patrons have access to PDF versions of her previous webcomic series, Dar.

For more information about Erica’s Patreon page, which includes a short video from Erica about Oh Joy Sex Toy, visit

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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