OMG: BKV AMA! (Brian K. Vaughan Answers Questions!)

Brian K. Vaughan & Ampersand cosplayer
Brian K. Vaughan & Ampersand cosplayer

Fan-favorite (okay, my favorite, but I speak for all fans, right?) comics writer Brian K. Vaughan, of Saga, Ex-Machina, and Y: the Last Man fame, doesn’t make many online appearances. One of the few creators who abstains from Twitter, he rarely divulges much or grants interviews. So it’s no surprise that his Reddit AMA on January 21st attracted a veritable deluge of questions from his fans.

Vaughan, along with artist Marcos Martin, were on Reddit to promote their creator-owned title through Panel Syndicate, “The Private Eye” (which is fantastic– and pay what you want! Go buy it now!), but the questions ranged from the digital-only format of the book to potential crossovers and favorite Coen Brothers movies (Miller’s Crossing, if you’re curious). Here’s a sample of what Vaughan had to say about The Private Eye and his process:

On how long he expects Saga to run:

“I’ll just say that Saga is an epic story, so I hope to keep writing it for at least 100 issues, as long as Fiona Staples is happy.”

His best tip for aspiring writers:


On which of his own works is his favorite:

“I know I’m supposed to say ‘whatever comic I’m working on right now’ or ‘I love all my children equally’ but the real answer is that my favorite comic is whichever orphan is unloved/uncollected/hard to find…so maybe X-Men Unlimited #22 from 1999(?) with Patrick Gleason (!).”

The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin, available now on Panel Syndicate.
The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin, available now on Panel Syndicate.

Vaughan also expressed relief and happiness that the digital-only format of The Private Eye hasn’t received any angry backlash from brick-and-mortar retailers, and hopes to see a world where digital and print comics help each other to bring in a larger audience of readers. He encouraged up-and-coming comic creators to explore options like Panel Syndicate, where one creative team is featured at a time, pay-what-you-want and DRM-free.

When asked if he had any plans to return to DC or Vertigo, Vaughan stated that he was “very, very happy at Image,” so I think we can expect more creator owned titles from him for the time being (sorry, he also shot down the possibility of a Runaways revival!)

The Private Eye, which Martin and Vaughan call a “serialized sci-fi detective story for mature readers,” is available on Panel Syndicate now. Check it out!

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