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Kickstarter of the Week

Maple Key Comics, a new, independent, bi-monthly anthology, is looking for your help! The 300 page!) anthologies will be available in print or digital, on a subscription basis. Stories will be serialized, Shonen Jump style, and a year of stories will complete each arc. To anchor each issue, an established indie creator will be featured, but Maple Key‘s mission is to focus on exciting creators still in the early stages of their careers.

The project has so far raised $916 of its $7,000 goal, with 29 days to go. Rewards run from hardcover issues of Maple Key Comics, to prints from their art team.


BOOM! announces Adventure Time 2014 annual
The artistic team of Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt present an all-new, fully-painted Fionna and Cake story, titled “Baby Cakes.”

Adventure Time 2014

Producer Harvey Weinstein to Avoid Films Glorifying Gun Violence
In an interview with Piers Morgan, Weinstein vowed to avoid films that contain unnecessary gun violence. He came to this decision in the wake of the Sandyhook school shooting, but only announced it recently, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Gillen & McKelvie on The Wicked and The Divine
CBR interviews the white hot creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie on their newly-announced Image series, The Wicked and The Divine, about reincarnated gods in the modern world.

YA Series Vampire Academy to Become A Film
The popular YA series (apparently, I haven’t read it) is coming to the big screen! Due out on February 14, the film will follow the teen vampires of St. Vladimir’s Academy doing, well, teen stuff, and dealing with the complicated internecine politics of vampire society. The film was directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls), and the script written by his brother Daniel Waters (Heathers)–I’m intrigued.

vampire academy

Justice League Canada becomes “United,” Apparently Not Just About Canada Anymore
DC and Lemire are looking to expand the series after the cancellation of Justice League America. Don’t worry, it’s still Canadian–it just also has cosmic stuff!


AV Club reviews the Powerpuff Girls special
The Powerpuff Girls save the city of Townsville once again in the new CGI special (guest starr-ing Ringo Starr!), which the AV Clubs gives an A.

On Alan Moore’s Last Interview and Alan Moore Might be Insane Now
These dueling editorials from Sequart explore Alan Moore’s 16,000 word goodbye from two very different perspectives. The latter obviously takes a dim view of the eccentric writer’s everything, while the former is more… forgiving.

Talent Borrows, Genius Steals: Asterix, Translation and the Evolution of Language
Sociolinguistics, Asterix, and how bilingual people are language innovators.

Can Appropriate Artist Credit Co-Exist with Tumblr and Buzzfeed?
Comics Alliance on the issue of comics stripped of artists’ credits and reposted online–and why credit matters.

Why Shia LaBeouf Is Hollywood’s New King of Jerks

Ladies and gentlemen, Project Hollywood has succeeded. Decades ago, we constructed an artificial environment disconnected from humanity. Its only function was to create even more artificial scenarios even further disconnected from humanity. After billions of dollars, this philosofractal metamaze has realized its ultimate goal: an utterly oblivious human. A man with less self-reflection than Dracula. A man so geocentrically self-centered, he thinks the sun is a stage light constantly searching for his best side. A man so lacking in self-awareness, he’s invisible to Zen Buddhists. A man who pushed the limits of assholing harder than Goatse. May I present: Homo Shia.


The Multimodality of Comics: A collection on comics beyond print
The MediaCommons project The New Everyday has collected a series of short articles on comics in academia and the everyday.

Thought Bubble Socials
The Leeds comics festival will be running a series of art workshops.

And finally…

Fight Club without Tyler Durden:

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