News & Things: Buying comics in 2014

Lumberjanes News

BOOM! Box Announces Stevenson, Ellis and Allen’s New Lumberjanes Series
Teenage girls versus yetis. Teenage girls versus yetis. Teenage girls versus yetis.

UK Box Office Suffers Biggest Fall For 20 Years
Some blame movies that try to attract multiple demographics, rather than focus on one. I blame the lack of a Spice World reboot.

2000AD Offers Peek at Paul Grist’s Demon Nic, Plus More Thrills
Check out these preview images of great comics coming in 2014 from 2000AD.


How To Buy Comics
G. Willow Wilson helps new readers figure out this whole comics buying world.

Anything That Loves Edited by Charles “Zan” Christensen
Lambda reviews–and loves–Anything That Loves.

Future Worlds: The Sci-Fi You Will Be Reading In 2014
Damian Walter argues that the white dude old guard is on the way out–diverse voices will dominate the sci-fi of the future (ha ha).

Frozen Goes Ahead and Kicks Paranormal Activity‘s Ass


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