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DragonCon Co-Founder Ed Kramer, Charged with Child Molestation, Avoids Further Prison Time with Plea Deal

Kramer to spend 34 months under house arrest; DragonCon officially cut all ties with Kramer earlier this year.

PictureBox to Shut Down At the End of 2013

The independent comics publisher will cease publishing new material after December 2013 and is currently having a 50% off sale of its entire inventory.


Sin City Headed to Television

The New York Times is reporting that The Weinstein Company has plans to develop a Sin City television series, after the release of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s A Dame to Kill For in 2014.

Glen Berger on Song of Spider-Man

Robot6 interviews Berger about Song of Spider-Man: The Inside Story of the Most Controversial Musical in Broadway History, his tell-all book about the ill-conceived, ill-fated musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.


Brain Scoop talks about sexism in STEM fields and horrible YouTube comments

“Where my ladies at?” indeed.

An Animated Plea for the Public Library

Academy-Award nominated filmmakers James Braithwaite and Josh Raskin address the plight of the Toronto Public Library in this short film.

Exploding another myth about creativity

“One of the myths we have about creativity is that sometimes we have a calling, that you know that every day of your life, when in truth, half of writing a first draft is very much about failure.”

The AV Club reviews Black Science # 1

The new Image comic is “a stunning showcase of the creative synergy [Rick] Remender has cultivated with each of these artists.”

The Dissolve reviews Frozen

Says Tasha Robinson: “Frozen…is the first Disney animated feature with a woman in one of the directors’ chairs, and perhaps not coincidentally, it’s the first that’s more concerned with a bond between sisters than with a hero-villain face-off, or a romantic relationship.”

Scaring Kids

How scary YA books are good for your kids.

And Finally…

Mishka NYC debuts its line of Ghost World menswear, featuring images from Daniel Clowes’s comic and film. Have an Adult Day!

ghost world

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