News & Things: A Very Dark Phoenix Christmas

Read of the Week

The A.V. Club asks, “What does X-Men’s Dark Phoenix Saga have in common with Christmas?


“Because at the time, all I understood was that Jean Grey had become the most powerful force in the universe—which I only knew because she ate one—and that she was made of fire and, at least initially, wanted to protect her friends. She was just like Jesus: all-powerful and mostly nice, which fit with my understanding of Catholicism and the condemnation it entailed. She was just like Yahweh: as powerful as she was petty and given to fits of spite and love and damnation. So I read and re-read Uncanny X-Men 129-138 every Christmas, because nothing else made as much sense.”



Sara Ryan and Carla Speed McNeil Visit Bad Houses

The creators  discuss their new Dark Horse graphic novel Bad Houses, about the daughter of a hoarder and the son of an estate sales agent who fall in love.

Graphic Novels Rank Among NPR’s Best Reads of 2013

Recommended graphic novels include Hyperbole & a Half, Boxers & Saints, Captain Marvel, and more.

The Fifth Beatle Film to Start Production in 2014

Vivek J. Tiwary and Andrew Robinson’s graphic novel about the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, is headed to the big screen with director Peyton Reed (Down with Love). Significantly, The Fifth Beatle is the first film about the band to secure the rights to the Lennon/McCartney song catalog.

X-Men: Apocalypse Announced for 2016

X-Men: Days of Future Past is still months away, but director Bryan Singer tweeted that the merry mutants won’t be taking a break anytime soon. X-Men: Apocalypse will hit theaters May 27th, 2016.


The Uncanny Refrigerator

Brett White talks about the (spoiler alert!) controversial character deaths in Uncanny Avengers #14, and when well-crafted comic books fall back on overused tropes.

Does Mortality Matter in Comics?

Comics Alliance discusses the depiction of death in superhero comics (even more spoiler alerts!) and whether it’s still an effective dramatic device.

Batman Returns Digs into Seasonal Depression

Batman, Catwoman, and the 1992 film’s portrayal of a very melancholy holiday.

Are Superheroes Fascist?

Salon says yes; Badass Digest says no.

Why Catching Fire’s Ending is the Most Daring “To Be Continued” Since Empire Strikes Back

Tasha Robinson talks about movie cliffhangers done right.

And Finally…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer is here!


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