Last Minute Gift Guide 2: Stuff and things

Wait, you’re STILL shopping? Girl, I thought we had you covered with that last round of recommendations. Oh, you’re looking for some seeing-you-after-Christmas-so-I-can-be-horrendously-late gifts! Well then. We’ve got you covered with these online buys. Like our last roundup of cool things, we’ve held back on posting prices, due to the internationality of our readership (and staff!), but a variety of price points are represented herein.

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“Who is He Kissing?” Jem & Jerrica Benton Flip Side Gift Set

Integrity Toys

A truly outrageous gift set, Integrity Toys’ latest release in their line of Jem fashion dolls recreates the drama of the “Who is He Kissing?” music video from the 80s animated series. The set includes blonde Jerrica Benton and her pink-haired alter ego Jem, both in complementary fashions that show off her transformation from chic business woman to glamorous rock star.

Fans of the original toy line will remember the “Flip Side” fashions that, when turned inside out with swapped accessories, created the illusion of two different outfits for Jem and Jerrica. Though that gimmick was left behind in the 80s, Integrity Toys has a fantastic eye for detail and is faithful to the show’s colorful, bubblegum-and-neon character designs. Jem and Jerrica come with complete outfits, stands, interchangeable hands, a microphone, a newspaper (print media? It was the 80s), and of course, Jemstar earrings.

jem and holograms
via Fashion Doll Chronicles


 Prints and Posters

Jean and Wolverine

The Geekerie

The Geekerie has an incredible variety of high quality prints. From vintage-style movie poster redesigns to original character portraits, they’ve got you covered. Most come in a variety of sizes: postcard to oversized poster.

jean and logan

Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes

Michael Cho

These prints come from Michael Cho’s 2012 book, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes. They’re fantastic. Cho showcases the overlooked back alleys of downtown Toronto, making them, heck, revealing them as something beautiful.

back alleys



This Misandry t-Shirt, from Julia Gfrörer is the most perfect thing ever. Also, it’s dead cultural!

misandry t-shirt

Everyone needs a pair of superhero leggings (from Superherostuff), amirite? Leggings are sartorial sidekicks: everything is on theme here.

batman leggings

Vintage Wonder Woman hat, from The Blonde Swan. This one’s on the pricier end of the spectrum. If you’re a go big or go home kind of shopper, it might be for you–if you want a cosplay item that can run the gamut from Wondy to The Tribe to Hokuto no Ken to your everyday street-roaming, then a) be my friend, and b) snatch this up.

ww hat

Keep your loved one cozy in these crocheted Iron Man and Captain America hats, from TheCrazyCuteShop. Pull the Iron Man balaclava down over your eyes and it’s all very “anonymous civilian doing crimes in the MU”, if that’s your wardrobe concept for January.

iron man hat

Check out these Sound Effect buttons by, DistinctDesignsUnltd! Can’t go wrong with buttons. They come in packs of several, so you can buy bulk and split them between holiday letter-cards to all of your best nerds.

sound effect


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