News & Things: Mad Science Throwdown

Welcome back to News & Things! Tonight we have the Young Avengers season finale, Rachel Maddow on March, Princess Bubblegum vs. Frankenstein, and more!

Read of the Week

The Dissolve talks about what Marvel’s shared universe means for movies:

“But the longer the MCU continues, the more I’m struck by the sameness of all the movies; they have different characters and settings, but mostly look and sound identical. That’s very much by design to make the MCU feel coherent. But Marvel’s comics do a better job of striking a balance between maintaining a coherent universe and giving characters’ individual series their own particular flavors and aesthetics. Marvel’s movies to date have captured a lot of its characters’ charm, but not necessarily its comics’ charm; the idiosyncratic dialogue of Brian Michael Bendis, the big ideas of Jonathan Hickman, the intense action of John Romita Jr., the unique page designs of Paolo Rivera.”


New Maleficent Poster; Trailer

Get up close and personal with Angelina Jolie’s take on the Sleeping Beauty villain. I want her headgear.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep. John Lewis about March

Maddow interviews Congressman John Lewis and his co-authors about the graphic novel March, about the Civil Rights movement.


Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers to End in January

Writer Kieron Gillen confirms that his run on Young Avengers with artist Jamie McKelvie will end with issue #15.

No Sex Criminals for Apple

Apple’s iOS Maketplace will not carry Sex Criminals #3 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky due to its sexually explicit content, and has also retroactively pulled #1 from their store.


10 Essential Graphic Novel Biographies

The AV Club’s inventory of great biographical comics. Did your favorite bios make the list?

Mad Science Throwdown: Princess Bubblegum vs. Frankenstein

Battle of the mad scientists! The Cultural Gutter analyzes Adventure Time‘s Princess Bubblegum and Dr. Frankenstein.

Sexy Loki, Queer Tricksters, and the Problem with LGBT Villains

Andrew Wheeler talks about Loki: Agent of Asgard and the risks of portraying queer characters as villains.

And Finally…

Enjoy Kristopher Anka’s new Adventure Time variant cover. Glam!


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