News & Things: Almost Turkey Day Edition

Read of the Week

Comic Book Resources interviews Neil Gaiman about Sandman: Overture, his creative process, and whether or not we’ll ever see that Sandman movie:

“What I miss most, writing anything that isn’t comics, is silent panels. The joy of being able to write silent panels…it’s one of the few things that is just pure and pristine. Because nothing is said, and you’re looking at a character from outside, and in some ways it’s just a beat. But in other ways, you are having to suddenly think about what they are thinking about. You are forced — the silence of the panel forces you to contemplate, to react as a reader in a way that you couldn’t if it was prose, because I would still be talking. You don’t just get that discreet moment and that beat of silence. It’s a comics-only thing, and I loved having that back.”



Twin Peaks Fashion Line Debuts

Suckers Apparel has a new clothing line for women inspired by Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s genre-bending television classic. For when you need that “wrapped in plastic” look, without actual plastic.

Harley Quinn’s Attempted Suicide Absent from #0

The scene, originally publicized for an open talent search at DC Comics, was controversial for depicting Harley Quinn attempting suicide nude in a bathtub. The final, published version of the scene has been changed.

MST3K Returns to Thanksgiving

Hi-keeba! ‘Turkey Day,’ an annual Thanksgiving marathon that’s become tradition for fans of the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, is back. Show creator Joel Hodsgon will host a new marathon online at, in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary.

Chris Claremont on X-Men: Gold

The writer talks about his legendary 16-year run on Uncanny X-Men, and his return to the team in the 50th anniversary special X-Men: Gold.


Laura Hudson returns to Comics Alliance for an editorial about sexual harassment in the comics industry, and how the online community responds to it:

“The concept of the missing stair has always been a powerful one when talking about the minimization of abuse: the idea that instead of treating harmful people like a problem, we make women work around them, accommodate them. It’s no surprise to me that over the last week, as woman after woman has identified the problem, pointing at the missing stair, that one of the most frequent reactions is that women are the ones who need to change their behavior. That they are the ones who must accommodate, yet again. That the responsibility is on them for fixing a problem which isn’t truly theirs to fix.”

Should Someone Make an R-Rated Hunger Games Movie?

That’s what The Wire’s Esther Zuckerman wonders. Has the PG-13 rating dulled the original book’s anti-war message?

Noah Berlatsky, writing at The Atlantic, wants to dismantle the comics boys’ club:

“The comics’ boys’ club is based on a logic that says that guys are in and girls are out. That’s a privilege extended to guys as a group, but also to guys as individuals. Guys, as individuals, are assured, again in big ways and small, that they can treat women as they like, and there will be no consequences. There’s a culture of impunity. Changing that culture means holding individuals accountable, on every level.”

And Finally…

Get ready for a nostalgia bomb, as has the entire X-Men Fleer Ultra 94 trading card set scanned and ready for perusal. X-TREME!!!!


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