Tutorial: Hilarious Halloween Marvel Throwback Shirts

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.02.49Way back when, I found the Bronze Age of Blogs: a blog about bronze age comics. It’s great. You can check it out in your own time. One of my favourite posts there, that I’ve come back to repeatedly, is this. An image-heavy post about Marvel’s old, ridiculous, perfect bubblegum stickers. I fell hard for them and I wanted them on my body, so I put them there! here’s how YOU can TOO. Happy Halloween! 

 photo transwolf9.jpg

 photo transwolf7.jpg

 photo transwolf10.jpg

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • A needle
  • Transfer paper for your printer
  • A shirt
  • Some spare white cotton
  • Felt of a pleasing (contrasting? complimentary?) colour
  • And your favourite ridic bubblegum image. The first shirt I did was a Tomb of Dracula one (obv–it’s Tomb of Dracula. And then there’s the Mamie Van Doren link with “it sure don’t taste like tomato juice”. Mamie’s in my favourite MST episode Girls’ Town, among other non-classic classics…) but for this photo sequence we’re working with Werewolf By Night; good ol’ Jack Russell. Aroo-roo!

Method: Pick your favourite nonsense hero, FLIP THE IMAGE, and print their image onto your transfer paper at whatever size you prefer. Follow the packet instructions for ironing your transfer onto your white cotton (I used an old summer vest for this instead of buying a tiny amount of new fabric). Cut it out and admire your success.

 photo transwolf12.jpg

Place the cut-out onto your felt. Think about whether you want to add thematic motifs, or just cut out the same shape. Leave room accordingly.

 photo transwolf8.jpg
 photo transwolf5.jpg

Pin your fabrics together and sew the cotton to the felt. These stickers have a helpful “sew here” line where the stickers were to be peeled off! Score!

 photo transwolf6.jpg

Once this is done–you have a patch! Rad!

 photo transwolf4.jpg

You can put it where you like. On a shirt, like mine? On a denim jacket, like tumblr? Wherever you pick, I wanna see. Send us pics & we’ll RT or reblog!

 photo transwolf2.jpg

Yeahhh. Bronze age Marvel horror. There’s nothing like it.

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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