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Welcome back to News & Things! Today we have news on Gene Luen Yang’s upcoming project, the Earl of Lemongrab vs. Frankenstein’s Monster, why Charlie Hunnam dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey, and more!

Read of the Week

Cultural Gutter’s Carol Borden compares and contrasts Frankenstein’s Monster and Adventure Time’s Earl of Lemongrab in “The Shrieking Horror of Castle Lemongrab:”

“As Princess Bubblegum tells Finn (hero of Adventure Time), “He was the first one of my experiments gone wrong” (“Too Young”) and Lemongrab has gone very wrong since he was brought to life late one night. He is one of the most disturbing Frankensteins I’ve ever seen. In fact, Lemongrab is the first creature who has instilled in me the sense of utter wrongness that characters in Frankenstein feel upon encountering Victor Frankenstein’s stitched-together son. I so often identify with the monster, that it is fascinating to sympathize with those he freaks the hell out.”


Gene Luen Yang unveils The Shadow Hero; shortlisted for National Book Award

It’s been a busy week for Gene Luen Yang. He’s released the cover and synopsis of his next graphic novel, The Shadow Hero, illustrated by Sonny Liew and starring the first Asian-American superhero, the Green Turtle; and his two-volume epic Boxers & Saints has been shortlisted for a National Book Award for Young People’s Literature.

Marvel Preps 60-Episode Package Of Four Series & A Mini For VOD & Cable Networks

Deadline reports that Marvel Studios is gauging interest in a package of four new dramas and a mini series, to traditional cable and on demand services like Netflix. Also in development is a Peggy Carter show. Dare we hope for a Daughters of the Dragon/Heroes for Hire series? DC’s got that Commissioner Gordon show in the works…

‘Fifty Shades’: Charlie Hunnam’s Script Showdown and the Chaotic Final Days

The Hollywood Reporter has the inside scoop on why Charlie Hunnam left the film (other than potential career suicide), and who the producers are looking at to fill his workboots and nipple clamps.

Rifftrax Releases Supersonic Man VOD

If Puma Man was your favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, rejoice, for Rifftrax has returned to the superhero genre with their riffing commentary on Supersonic Man, an obscure 1979 film starring MST3K-alum Cameron Mitchell.

Many Popular Pirated Films Aren’t Available for Online Purchase

Data from suggests that many viewers turn to piracy when films are not legitimately available on streaming or rental services.

Evan Dorkin Joins the Eltingville Club for the Final Time

Writer/Artist Evan Dorkin discusses the conclusion of his Eltingville Club comic series, Adult Swim’s Welcome to Eltingville pilot, and the dark side of fandom.


The Big Business of Big Hits: How Blockbusters Conquered Movies, TV, and Music

The Atlantic asks Harvard business professor, Anita Elberse, just why Hollywood is obsessed with sequels, adaptations, and vapid, summertime extravaganzas. The answer? Money, duh. But Elberse goes on to talk about how we got here.

Leave Those Kids Alone: The Graphic Textbook, Reviewed

Jacob Canfield reviews The Graphic Textbook. The project, funded by an impressive Kickstarter–over $70k raised–and featuring solid comics talent, was intended to produce an across-the-board teaching aid. Teachers could assign chapters of the book to supplement in class lessons. Canfield’s seen a preview copy, and his opinion? It stinks.

“Brief flashes of inventiveness are completely buried under ugly art, terrible pacing, confusing attempts at humor, walls of text, and unclear (sometimes actively incorrect) information. The question I found myself wondering most frequently as I was reading through the book was “why does this need to be a comic?” It’s a question the book struggles with, is deeply insecure about, and never manages to overcome.”

And Finally…

Kotobukiya’s DC and Marvel Bishoujo line of statues are Starfire and Jubilee. Both figures are designed by Shunya Yamashita.

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