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Kickstarter of the Week

Do you want more Bee and PuppyCat? Of course you do. Wait, you don’t know what Bee and PuppyCat is? Shame. Shaaaame. So, it’s a popular cartoon short created by Natasha Allegri, and produced by Frederator/Cartoon Hangover. They’re the lovely souls responsible for Fairly Odd Parents and Adventure Time, respectively. In Bee and PuppyCat, the pseudonymous main characters work intergalactic temp jobs, and have wacky adventures. It’s perfect–at least its four million views on YouTube would suggest that it is.

Now, Allegri and friends want to bring you more BaPC. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $600,000, with a goal of producing six new cartoon shorts. (Who knew toons were so expensive!?) The campaign is just about squeaking $300,000, with three and half weeks to go, so pull out your credit cards. The rewards range from digital downloads, to signed comics, to t-shirts, but in this case, the reward truly is the project itself–and the promise of BaPC comics!


In other Kickstarter news, the third issue of The Strumpet is awaiting your attention. The second issue more than met its funding goal, and it, as well as the first issue, got great reviews at The Comics Journal and Page 45. Now it’s time for us to help them get out their third issue. At $1693 of $1200, they’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal, but unlike many comics campaigns, Kripa Joshi and Ellen Lindner designed their Kickstarter with distribution in mind. They’ve budgeted for half of their print/distro costs being covered by Kickstarter, and half from their two launch parties, so every dollar above goal just makes it easier for the comic to make it into your hands.

Two launch parties? That’s right. The Strumpet is an anthology series featuring women from the UK and US alternative comix scenes, and is sold and promoted in both countries:

With comics by Hannah Berry, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevant, Colleen Frakes, Hayley Gold, Dre Grigoropol, Ellen Lindner, Kripa Joshi, Jennifer Hayden, Freya Harrison, Becky Hawkins, and many more; an interview with foodie comix queen Sarah Becan and a beefy review section bursting with comics we love and loathe, everyone’s fave transatlantic lady annual is better than ever.

Now, I haven’t actually read the first issue of The Strumpet, but after checking out their Kickstarter and blog, I want: a) this campaign to overflow with contributions; and b) to acquire issues one and two.


Fearless Defenders Cancelled

The Marvel comic series, which starred fan-favorite characters Misty Knight, Valkyrie, Dani Moonstar, and more, will end in December with issue #12.

Good News, Dudes, Ladies Read Comics Too

TechHive reports that girls and women are key consumers on Comixology–they now make up more than 20% of total readers. The typical reader is: “17-26 years old, college-educated, lives in the suburbs, and is new to comics. She prefers Tumblr to Reddit. She may have never even picked up a print comic.”

Mental Floss has an exclusive interview with Bill Watterson

The Calvin and Hobbes creator is notoriously shy of interviews, so this is kind of a coup. You can read an excerpt here–the larger piece will run in the December print edition.


Kieron Gillen Talks New Avengers, Pop Music, and Why Subtlety Is Overrated

Chris Sims interviewed Kieron Gillen at NYCC this year. They talked about his work on New Avengers, and his enduring love of pop music.

How Desolation of Smaug adds Elves who don’t appear in The Hobbit

iO9 talked to Evangeline Lily and Orlando Bloom about their characters, elves who don’t actually appear in The Hobbit.

Revisiting the Sad, Misogynistic Fantasy of Xanth

The AV Club’s Jason Heller re-reads a childhood favorite, Piers Anthony’s fantasy novel A Song for Chameleon, but instead of nostalgia, he finds misogyny. Lots and lots of misogyny.

And finally

It’s that time of year again. Time to watch Girl’s Costume Warehouse.


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