News & Things: Is it still bestiality, if the turtle talks, and walks on two legs?

Welcome back to News & Things! Of course, this week we’ll all be digesting news from New York Comic Con, but here are some non-NYCC stories to cleanse your pallet!


IDW To Publish Parker Prose Novels With Illustrations by Darwyn Cooke
You might recall that IDW publishes Cooke’s graphic adaptations of the Richard Stark/Donald Westlake noir classics.  These new editions of Stark’s novels will feature cover art by Cooke, and a design meant to echo the pulp novels of the day.

There’s a new comic on Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant!
In it, Black Canary goes to a concert. Does it matter? It’s Kate Beaton. Get clicking.

Reggiestiltskin is a thing.
The Mary-Sue has an exclusive preview of Betty & Veronca #268, with fantastic cover art by Stephanie Buscema. Reggiestiltskin, people.


Banksy is no longer annoying!
The street-turned-famous artist set up shop on a New York street corner and sold his art anonymously for $60 a pop. Upon hearing this, art dealers everywhere cringed as one.

Alan Moore’s Work To Be Included In Miracleman Reprints
Ruh roh. It’s great news for those of us who haven’t yet had a chance to read the comics, which include work by Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, and the eternally cranky Alan Moore. Bad news, possibly, for Moore and/or Marvel, should this lead to legal trouble with the notoriously Fed Up With It All writer.


White House Down, and a Black Man Worth Dying For
Flavia Dzodan’s late review of White House down teases something interesting out of the blockbuster: it’s a movie about a black president to whom devotion is freely given; a black man worth dying for.

The Walking Dead vs. Breaking Bad
JJ Gould reviews the season opener of The Walking Dead, and compares how the two prestige dramas have evolved (or not) from great premises, to great dramas.

The Courtesan Dies at the End
Tom Jokinen argues that Breaking Bad, and its sibling dramas, owe a lot to opera.

Top Ten Horror Movies 
The scariest horror movies ever made… according to The Guardian.

And finally…

Paolo Rivera’s Herge-inspired wedding invitation is super.


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