News & Things: Adventures Across the 8th Dimension

Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re travelling across the 8th Dimension to find the next Jane Foster! Read below for more!

Read of the Week

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is The Dissolve’s Movie of the Week, with new articles discussing the film’s cult following, quotability, and the mythology behind its rocket scientist/brain surgeon/comic book hero/rock star main character. From their Buckaroo Banzai Forum:

“I think the detail of Buckaroo’s adventures happening in the real world while also being recounted in a comic book is a particularly nice touch. It’s a nod to Fantastic Four, as you noted, but it also taps into how the film works—for those for whom it does work, anyway. Watching the movie feels a bit like picking up an issue of a comic with an enormous backstory and an apparently infinite future. Who is Buckaroo? Where does he come from? Why does he do what he does? The film gives viewers the bare details, then expects us to catch up on our own time.”


Dark Horse Switches Book Trade Distribution to Random House

Looking to expand their market share outside of brick and mortar comic shops, Dark Horse has signed a new deal with Random House for distribution of their catalog to retailers worldwide. Diamond Distribution, the largest distributor of comics, will continue to provide Dark Horse products to comic shops.

RL street-level superhero Captain Manchester’s removed the mask

…To reveal a charity marketing scheme, prior to the release of a fundraising comic book. Wednesday the ninth of October sees a launch party; nudge them on twitter if you’re in the area and report back to us.

RIP Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy, popular author of the Jack Ryan series of novels (including The Hunt For Red October) has died at age 66.

Marvel Seeks ‘The Next Jane Foster’

Fan of Thor’s fictional super-scientist Jane Foster? Marvel and the National Academy of Sciences, Underwriters Laboratories and Dolby Laboratories are sponsoring a contest giving high school girls interested in STEM fields a chance to meet female scientists and engineers, as well as participate in experiments and events.

New Star Trek Cast ‘Faceblends’

How well cast are the new Star Trek movies? Io9 shares these photoshopped ‘faceblends’ merging the faces of the original and current Enterprise crew. And the results are amazing…or disturbing? Disturbingly amazing?

And finally…

On Twitter, Kate Beaton shares new t-shirt design sketches, including “Birth of Snacking Venus:”

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