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Kickstarter of the Week

Small press publisher Yeti Press has launched a Kickstarter to their operations over the next year. That may sound like it’s skirting the Kickstarter rules that Penny Arcade (almost) ran afoul of, but it doesn’t quite. The Kickstarter is aimed at taking their business to the next level, rather than funding normal operations. They’re looking to put out six new books over the course of the year, and those books, along with some goodies and a subscription offer, are your reward. I’m primarily interested in this project to see where it goes (is bundling books like this a solid funding model?), but the books look like fun too! Check out the adorable cover of one of the new books, Rose From the Dead, by Andrea Bell:



Judge slaps down Stan Lee Media’s bid for Marvel characters
U.S. District Judge William J. Martinez has dismissed Stan Lee Media’s claim to Marvel characters co-created by Stan Lee. SLM argued that a 1998 agreement giving Marvel Comics rights to Stan Lee’s creations and likeness, was improperly filed, and that SLM was consequently owed $5.5 billion in Avengers dollars.

Andreyko & Haun Confimed As New Batwoman #25 Team
Marc Andreyko and Jeremy Haun will take over Batwoman with issue 25, two issues before the previous creative team, Williams and Blackman, intended to leave. Of the last minute change, Williams said, “Sadly, I guess with a new writer starting on Batwoman #25 means that the issue 25 we wrote already isn’t coming out.”

Ellen Page Fights For Queen & Country at Fox
Ellen Page is reportedly in talks to star as Tara Chace, in the Fox adaptation of Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country. Evidently Fox is looking to reward the actress for previous hard work, with a franchise of her own.

Marvel Settles Lawsuit With Ghost Rider Creator
Marvel has settled another one of those seemingly endless copyright disputes, this time with Ghost Rider creator, Gary Friedrich. At issue was whether the character was developed as work for hire, or under the Marvel Method. This frees up the franchise for another big screen reboot (yay…?).

Harvey Award winners announced, including Saga and Adventure Time
And congrats to all of them!


Breaking Down Battle of the Atom #1, and #2
The Beat’s Steve Morris is taking a look at Marvel’s Battle of the Atom, issue by issue.

Didio Attempts To Explain DC’S Marriage Ban
It’s not just Maggie and Kate’s wedding that’s cancelled, but Mera and Aquaman’s marriage seems to have been retroactively annulled. According to DC’s Dan DiDio, superheroes should never be married, and should never lead happy, stable lives. Well, he tried.

Why Sequels Will Never Die
The summer’s high profile flops don’t presage the end of summer blockbusters, The Atlantic argues. While RIPD was languishing, Man of Steel collected a cool $290 million. Thanks to successes like MoSIron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6, this was Hollywood’s best ever summer.

And finally…

Those summer movies by the numbers. And what numbers. (via Atlantic).

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