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Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re Hulking out with Firefly, Adventure Time, free Halloween comics, and more!

Read of the Week

There’s No Excuse For Misogyny In Space

Helen O’Hara looks at the treatment of Katee Sackhoff’s character in the new film, Riddick:

“This film, more than either previous Riddick effort, feels like it’s grounded in the arrested mentality of a 13 year-old videogame aficionado who is obsessed with tits but doesn’t speak to people who own them. The aesthetic is pure game, all muscly men with improbably large guns shooting indiscriminately at endless beasties. That alone is actually fine, but there’s no inherent need to treat women like shit in order to communicate that. And if this is designed to appeal to 13 year-olds, what sort of screwed-up attitude to women is the film trying to encourage among teenage boys?”


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Runaways Movie Shelved Post-Avengers

Wondering what happened to Marvel Studios’ Runaways film? Screenwriter Jeff Goldsmith says that it’s been shelved–at least for now–and that production of The Avengers “consume[d]” the Marvel Cinematic Universe and drew attention away from other properties.

Adventure Time: Pixel Princesses Coming Soon

Boom! Studios announces the second original Adventure Time Graphic Novel, Pixel Princesses, which will star the motley crew of Lumpy Space Princess, Turtle Princess, Breakfast Princess, Muscles Princess, and Skeleton Princess.

New She-Hulk Ongoing Announced

USA Today reports a new She-Hulk ongoing series hitting shelves in February, with the creative team of Charles Soule and Javier Pulido. And Kevin Wada cover art, woo!

The future of Firefly will finally be revealed in a new Serenity comic

Picking up where the movie left off, this new Dark Horse ongoing follows the continuing, and frequently miserable, adventures of Mal, River, and a very pregnant Zoe.

‘Man of Steel‘s David S Goyer on General Zod controversy

In brief: Superman refraining from killing shouldn’t be a hard and fast rule; killing Zod is key to the development of his personal philosophy. Kay.


Banned Romance: What’s So Bad About Happily Ever After?

NPR explores the history of banned romance novels: sometimes for naughtiness, sometimes for their subversive message. (Female empowerment, cough cough).

Where Are All The Monster Girls?

Erica Stratten has a complicated relationship with sci-fi and horror, in all their sexist and cissexist glory. (So do we all).

and Finally…

Details about Bryan Lee O’Malley’s next book, Seconds, are still scant, but on Tumblr he’s posted new preview panels:

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