Top 10: Best? Worst? Moomins merchandise options

A lot of the nerd identity is wrapped up in consumerism; maybe you’ve been there, but have you got the t-shirt? Did you make a Portal birthday cake? Do you wash with TARDIS soap? And I get it, of course – souvenirs are nice and they make you feel good. When you’ve had a swell time or been affirmed by the journey that you’ve taken, you don’t want to forget! We’re physical beings who exist in an object-filled world. We use objects to retain our experiences. That’s not wrong.

I like the Moomins a whole lot, and I see merchandise in their image fairly often. Usually in a chain called Aspire… but that’s another matter. Sort of. I look Moomin merch up fairly often cos I’m human and I have urges, and then I’m filled with a complex dissatisfaction. Let’s explore that. Together!

Claire’s top ten (best? worst?) Moomins merchandise options, or, we love the laughter and we love the lifestyle products

Personal thoughts

non objective

10: Wrapping paper

MOOMIN wrapping paper

The inhabitants of Moomin Valley would, I think, appreciate the philosophical reflection in buying beautiful paper designed to become creased, ripped, and ignored.

9: Little My keyring

MOOMIN keyring

Little My doesn’t care beans about keys. She is an active key-uncarer! Ugh!

8: ‘Forest’ make-up bag

MOOMIN make-up bag

Moomins, and Tove Jansson, understand that some people need to wear make-up sometimes, for their strength and joy. But in a forest? There are so many adventures that the Snorkmaiden has in populated areas, amongst glamorous people, that choosing the forest setting seems disingenuous – the forest becomes part of the illusion, a constructed rusticism, that the Moomin message mocks with regularity.

7: Moominmama apron

MOOMIN apron

Look, y’all can see what Moominmama’s apron is like. It’s right there. On this apron. Which looks nothing like that apron.

6: Mymble mug


If you need the comfort of a hot, restorative drink, then you can’t do much better than getting the comfort of the Mymble’s open arms.

5: Moomin house keyring

MOOMIN house

It’s really hard to live in a moomin tower irl. This is cute. It would make you happy at every glimpse. I.. approve.

4: Stinky tin mug

MOOMIN tin mug

If there’s anyone who should be on a tin mug, it’s Stinky. Take this into the bushes, and commence unwashedness. Camping! It’s great. But reader – this is fourteen pounds. This is a tin mug. Do you see what I’m saying?

3: Moominpapa tumbler

MOOMIN tumbler

Possibly the most sensible piece on the list. Moominpapa is a drinker. Fill’im up.

2: Moomin gel hand soap

MOOMIN handwash

But would the Moomins use corporate gel soap?

1: Little My t-shirt

MOOMIN shirt

I’ll be honest, this tests my resolve. Because the gist of my list is: the Moomins shouldn’t have merchandising. They’re DIY. They’re improv. They’re homemade.

They’re provincial, and independent, and they like it that way! It’s not right to see Moomintroll on washi tape for £4.90, Snufkin on ceramics for £14.60, Little My on objects that are useful or attractive but nevertheless symbols of modern capitalist neuroticism! “A bowl with your likeness for £19.99, dear? Whatever for?” asks Moominmama, in the armchair of my mind. I own the cookbook, it’s true. I won a village apple pie contest with it. But don’t things seem to have strayed from where they started? You love a Moomin, so you buy a Moomin to comfort you. But –

“You can’t ever be really free if you admire somebody too much.”
― Tove JanssonTales from Moominvalley

Bonus: Moomins greeting card


..Make it yourself.

All products and images taken from artbox’ Moomin shop. Please make up your own mind and follow your own path to satisfaction!


Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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5 thoughts on “Top 10: Best? Worst? Moomins merchandise options

  1. “the Moomins shouldn’t have merchandising. They’re DIY. They’re improv. They’re homemade. They’re provincial, and independent, and they like it that way!”
    Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if the comic strips’ iteration of Moomin family were tricked into the merchandising biz, only to still undo the establishment after a collection of commentative hijicks.

  2. “A lot of the nerd identity is wrapped up in consumerism”

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Geekdom/Nerdom has never been about consumerism, it’s been about intellectual pursuits. It’s only been a recent addition to the geeky scene that we now sell licensed crap to people with only a passing interest in our subculture, as a life style choice.

    1. Welll I carefully said *is*, as in currently. There’s a lot of objects-as-proof involved in arguments or discourse about who ~counts (I’m talking social media and ‘street-level’ consensus here, from my own observation) and it also makes befriending people of shared fandom much easier. Internal identity may not require purchasing branded goods but external identity and social self-classification puts a lot of weight on getting the t-shirt.

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