Oh hey, we’re back.

Welcome back to Women Write About Comics, your favourite (no, trust me) interview emporium, essayist collective, blog carnival host, and sharer of comics-adjacent news.

There are still a few things left unfinished, but we’re a casual kind of comics blog, so I figured, why not? Since we last spoke, I’ve hired new writers, and convinced the old ones to do even more work… I mean, take on columns.

I’m incredibly pleased to welcome Kelly Lawler, Myrna Waldron, Kelly Kanayama, Ashley Schmuecker, Kristi McDowell, Kathleen Zorzella, Leslie Anderson, Kayleigh Hearn, Maddy Beaupré, and Mai Pucik to WWAC! Be good to them. Or else.

I’m also pretty excited about our new columns: Claire Napier will be doing a monthly podcast, Megan Byrd will be covering the retail and industry beat, Liz Pfeiffer will be doing reviews and covering the book club scene, Myrna Waldron will be doing a series on feminism and anime, Kathleen and I will be doing a tv review vodcast, and I’ll be pushy as ever, in my new advice column. Phew!

Anyway, cool story sis. Have a shareable poster:

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Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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