Our first podcast! Our SECOND interview with Hannah Chapman of Comic Book Slumber Party

Here at Women Write About Comics we’re unfailingly organised – mostly. Each moving through local comic connections Megan B and Claire both arranged interviews with Comic Book Slumber Party’s Hannah Chapman… and didn’t realise there was crossover until each were complete! Luckily we’re a gestalt of one thousand varied interests, and both interviews took different tacks, leaving WWAC with the hardest-hitting journalistic look at an up and coming comics event you would ever ask for. Check out Megan’s first foray here, or if you’ve already lapped that one up (good!) get your headphones out and prepare for: Women Write About Comics’ first ever podcast.

First as in, we’re still babies in the world of audio quality. Fast-growing babies. Practically Troi Jr level. Look forward to more!

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Three things from Claire:

1) When I say “we set up” WWAC, obviously I mean “Megan P set up”. Credit where credit’s due!
2) To state plainly, both WWAC and CBSP aim to be transphobia-free. Both of the cis women in this interview understand that this demands our sustained action and transparency.
3) Podcast feedback of all sorts is welcome; improvement is the goal!

Comic Book Slumber Party website
Their tumblr and shop, and twitter! PLUS: the indiegogo link for the Ladies’ Night anthology, is right here!

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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