Welcome to Friday, heroes! (Or villains, I don’t know your life.) It’s been an uphill battle this week — punching trains, battling evil-doers, clawing my way back to sunlight from under a mountain of paperwork — and I’m about ready to kick off the weekend with a nice cup of Joe, a shot of definitely-not-whiskey, and a long, cool drink of DC Comics.

Ladies are super! That’s what the DC Comics licensed children’s book publisher Downtown Bookworks thinks. On October 21st, the publisher will launch DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Girl Power, and it looks awesome.

My First Book of Girl Power Julie Merberg DC Comics Downtown Bookworks 2014 2

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Girl Power showcases the strength, intelligence, kindness, and bravery of the women in the DC universe. From Wonder Woman’s ability to find the truth to Batgirl’s sharp mind to Black Canary’s powerful voice, DC’s super heroines are wonderful role models for young girls.

This sounds so good I kind of want one just for myself. After last week’s abysmal merch failure, it’s great to see a book focusing on female empowerment. Besides, I dig anything that includes Mera, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary.
More proof DC is actually listening when fans speak (previously, I had imagined all they heard was the wahm-wahm-wahm sad trombone of the adults in Peanuts cartoons): stand-up dude Scott Snyder voiced the concerns of many comics fans, and the people emerged triumphant!
(Just imagine this backed by “Can You Hear the People Sing? from Les Mis and you’ll get the correct tone.)
DC will no longer be charging an arm and a leg for Batman. Just one appendage will do. Oh, I jest! The price will remain a bloodless $3.99.
Girl Power isn’t the only new book coming out under the DC logo: we’ll also be getting a compilation of the publisher’s most notorious bad guys (and ladies) in DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History, if that’s your jam.
The Reverse Flash DC Comics Super-Villlains DC Comics 2014

Like…the Reverse-Flash? Okay.


The Supreme Court opted not to intervene in the long-running, horrible legal battle between DC and the Shuster estate over the rights to Superman. The Court allegedly commented “maybe everyone should just chill, bro,”  before slipping on some sweet shades and pretending like it never got the Shuster estate’s texts. Bummer.

CinemaBlend thinks DC is owning the small screen, which it kind of is, despite the that monochromatic ravine where fun goes to die, Gotham. This is good news for DC, considering no one has stopped making fun  of their movie offerings yet.

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