DC Comics has been releasing themed variant covers since the start of 2014, and their latest theme for August has been selfies.  Several covers have already been released.  The latest cover was released via Twitter by artist Tony Daniel starring DC’s would-be power couple Superman and Wonder Woman.  It’s cute in the way that — DC believes — fans want, but comes off more ridiculous than anything else.

Wonder Woman Superman Selfie Variant Cover, DC, 2014, Tony DanielFrom the lipstick smacked kisses smeared all over Superman’s face, to the cheesy smiles and pose, the variant is reminiscent of those corny Facebook couples that spam their friends feeds.

Could this variant cover be cute, endearing, and flail-worthy? Yes, if it were almost any other couple. As it stands, the cover doesn’t suit the personalities of either character, and fans still haven’t warmed up to this particular pair-up.

For the new hardened Superman, it’s a little hard to see him flying along and stopping to pose for a cute selfie with the also pretty hardened Wonder Woman.

In some of the other variants, such as Harley Quinn’s, the “selfie” poses suit the character andcome off as charming, rather than forced. Which is, unfortunately, how the new Superman/Wonder Woman cover comes off.

DC has been pushing Wonder Woman and Superman’s couple status since the start of the New 52. The reactions have been less enthusiastic.

Superman and Lois Lane’s relationship is one of pop culture legend, spanning decades. In the new continuity, Clark and Lois are merely friends; writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee have stated that “the two have never dated, nor are they likely to.”

Given the history behind Superman and Lois Lane it’s understandably hard for longtime fans to connect with the idea of them paired off with any other characters. Another factor against them is that the pairing comes off as lackluster. The two most powerful people on Earth hook up because they’re the most powerful people on Earth? Not exactly the romance of a century.

Popular tumblr blog DC Woman Kicking A**  had this to say after reviewing issue one of their team-up title:

“In the end, however, we still don’t have a sense of what it is that brings these two together other than editorial mandate.”

This cover comes off as an insincere attempt to further endear the couple to fans who have rejected the idea. Aiming for young and hip by having them pose for a cute selfie is an attempt make them appear relatable.

Superman and Wonder Woman might have worked well as a couple, even as a fleeting thing, pre-reboot. They were friends, the romance and attraction between them had been played around with before, and they had a long history of support, loyalty, love, and caring between them. In the New 52 Wonder Woman and Superman have none of that–and fans haven’t had a chance to see them develop something close to it.

The themed variants are one of DC’s better ideas, but not all themes suit all the characters in question.