• Exploring Our Fathersons in Frontier #13

    Exploring Our Fathersons in Frontier #130

    Frontier #13: Fatherson Richie Pope Youth In Decline September 25, 2016 I got to see Richie Pope on The Black Comics/Race and Comics panel at the 2016 Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF). It was the first time I heard of Pope and got to see his art projected on the hotel conference room screen. I left

  • Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar0

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar Rebecca Sugar Youth In Decline December 2016 The cover of Frontier #14 is not misleading. This is, in part, a comic about progress, corrections, revisiting, and reworking past ideas. The layers of pencil, corrective tape, and marker are a motif, the vehicle through which Sugar makes her point. After the front

  • Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic0

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang Kelly Kwang Youth In Decline May, 2016 When I recommend Frontier to people, I say that it’s an anthology of comics and art books by interesting indie cartoonists. This issue, Kelly Kwang’s first published work, is a bit more art book than illustrated story. It’s still a comic, though, so don’t