• Exploring Our Fathersons in Frontier #13

    Exploring Our Fathersons in Frontier #130

    Frontier #13: Fatherson Richie Pope Youth In Decline September 25, 2016 I got to see Richie Pope on The Black Comics/Race and Comics panel at the 2016 Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF). It was the first time I heard of Pope and got to see his art projected on the hotel conference room screen. I left

  • Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar0

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar Rebecca Sugar Youth In Decline December 2016 The cover of Frontier #14 is not misleading. This is, in part, a comic about progress, corrections, revisiting, and reworking past ideas. The layers of pencil, corrective tape, and marker are a motif, the vehicle through which Sugar makes her point. After the front

  • Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic0

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang Kelly Kwang Youth In Decline May, 2016 When I recommend Frontier to people, I say that it’s an anthology of comics and art books by interesting indie cartoonists. This issue, Kelly Kwang’s first published work, is a bit more art book than illustrated story. It’s still a comic, though, so don’t

  • Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven Is Back in Print: Go Buy It! [Review]

    Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven Is Back in Print: Go Buy It! [Review]0

    Frontier #7: Sex Coven Jillian Tamaki Youth In Decline April 2015 Late last year the Loser City crew invited me to participate in making a giant list of comics that don’t suck. I wrote several blurbs for their The 100 Best Comics of the First Half of the 2010s, including one on Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven.

  • Frontier #11: BDSM, by Eleanor Davis

    Frontier #11: BDSM, by Eleanor Davis2

    Frontier #11: BDSM Eleanor Davis Youth In Decline February 2016 BDSM takes place on a porn set. Two women, one a dom the other a sub, are playing out a mistress/maid scene while an all-male crew — save the makeup artist — directs and shoots. The director calls for a halt: the sub is too

  • Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!

    Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!0

    On September 19 and 20, the 21st annual Small Press Expo was held in Bethesda, Maryland. WWAC writers Kat Overland, Rebecca Henely, and Kayleigh Hearn attended and wrote about notable new comics from the convention. Read on!