• Extermination #2 Pushes us Closer Toward the Edge

    Extermination #2 Pushes us Closer Toward the Edge0

    Extermination #2 Ed Brisson (Writer), Marte Gracia (Colorist), Pepe Larraz (Artist), Joe Sabino (Letterer) Marvel Comics August 29, 2018 “I’m going with them.” The four words at the end of Extermination #2 told me all I needed to know and I honestly couldn’t be more hooked on this book. This is a comic focused on returning the time

  • Hottest Hair In Comics

    Hottest Hair In Comics2

    As you know, here at WWAC, we’re committed to bringing you the hardest hitting critical analysis that can be found in comics. We cover the topics others are too afraid to cover! Explore the corners of comics as an industry that others are afraid to look in to! Spend several hours compiling a list of

  • Extermination #1 Leaves a Big Impact

    Extermination #1 Leaves a Big Impact0

    Extermination #1 Ed Brisson (writer), Pepe Laraz (artist), Marte Garcia (colorist), Jo Sabino (letterer) Marvel Comics August 15, 2018 The saga of the time-displaced Original Five (or O5, as they’ve come to be known) X-Men has gone on for a long time. Too long, some might say. Brought forward by a rather bitter Beast to