• Dynamite Comics Pubwatch: June 2019

    Dynamite Comics Pubwatch: June 20190

    Welcome to the Dynamite Comics Pubwatch for the month of June! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

  • Long May She Reign: FSCW’s Aerial Monroe

    Long May She Reign: FSCW’s Aerial Monroe0

    Professional badass wrestler Aerial Monroe is a goddess. Seriously. She first appeared on the professional wrestling circuit in 2015 and has been going nonstop ever since. She’s a veteran of female-lead wrestling events such as the Queens of Combat, SHINE, and Shimmer. As if that list wasn’t impressive enough, Aerial debuted in WWE’s Monday Night

  • In the Ring With Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW)

    In the Ring With Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW)0

    It’s not every day you see Skeletor from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe place a choke hold on Spider-Man. Or Borderland’s Jinx body slam Lana Kane from Archer. Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW) was created in 2009 by Florida Supercon founder Mike Broder. The idea for FSCW was to “offer a form of

  • WWE Boom #17: Mercifully, It’s Over

    WWE Boom #17: Mercifully, It’s Over0

    WWE #17 Dennis Hopeless and Tini Howard (Writers), Serg Acuna and Hyeonjin Kim (Artists) BOOM! Studios May 9, 2017 In 2002, WWE crowds witnessed one of the worst matches of the modern era. It was a tag team match that involved the extremely talented Trish Stratus and Jackie Gayda, the winner of the recent Tough

  • WWE #15: It Got Worse

    WWE #15: It Got Worse0

    WWE #15 Dennis Hopeless, Tini Howard (writers), Serg Acuña, Hyeonjin Kim (artists), Douglass Garbark (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterist), Dan Mora (color artist) BOOM! Studios March 21, 2018 In my review of WWE #14, I called the issue “underwhelming.” I was disappointed in the issue, feeling like it was “just coasting and hoping nobody will notice.”

  • WWE Survivor Series 2017: Hope You Survive The Series

    WWE Survivor Series 2017: Hope You Survive The Series0

    WWE Survivor Series 2017 Special #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown, Derek Fridolfs, Kevin Paneta, Lan Pitts, Aaron Gillespie Artists: Lucas Werneck, Rodrigo Lorenzo, Derek Fridolfs, Kendall Goode, Kelly Williams, Tim Lattie Colorists: Jeremy Lawson, Doug Garbark, Fred Stresing, Dee Cunniffe, Letterer: Jim Campbell Cover Artists: Main Cover: Rahzzah WWE What If?