• WWAC Asks: WonderCon 2019 Edition

    WWAC Asks: WonderCon 2019 Edition0

    WonderCon was a blur this year, but for WWAC’s new convention column, WWAC Asks, I trekked the artist alley and posed a question… “If you could work with any artist or writer, dead or alive who would it be and why?”

  • Accessibility! Was it a Thing?: WonderCon 2019 Con Diary

    Accessibility! Was it a Thing?: WonderCon 2019 Con Diary0

    My last time at WonderCon was an accessibility nightmare. With inadequate parking, rude staff, and lack of seating, I thought I would never return to its large halls, but alas I decided 2019 would be a good year to see if WonderCon had improved on its inaccessibility, and to score some good comics, zines, and

  • The Future of Entertainment is Female at WonderCon

    The Future of Entertainment is Female at WonderCon0

    In her role as Creative Executive for BOOM! Studios’ film division, Mette Norkjaer finds writers and track directors for film and television projects, establishing connections and creating a network for future opportunities. She’s always looking for new and exciting voices with an eye for diversity to ensure appropriate adaptation of the company’s properties. “A lot of

  • BOOM Pubwatch: March 2019

    BOOM Pubwatch: March 20190

    Welcome to the March Pubwatch for BOOM! Studios. This is my first month writing the BOOM! Pubwatch but you may remember me (Christa) from the IDW Pubwatch. I really enjoyed my time writing about IDW comics and in particular expanding my knowledge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, and now I am excited to dive

  • Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts

    Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts0

    Con season is in full swing, and Wondercon, sister convention to the epic monstrosity known as San Diego Comic-Con happened this past weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California. The weather was perfect for a con: sunny, but with just enough breeze to keep a jacket close by. Cosplayer groups and camera folx

  • How Wondercon Failed Disabled Attendees

    How Wondercon Failed Disabled Attendees2

    Comic conventions are an odd thing, either exciting hubs of creative minds or giant airplane carriers full of people trying to sell you stuff. Either way you feel, what cannot be argued is their existence. There are conventions almost every weekend of 2017, and on certain weekends, there are seven or eight at the same