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A man with long black hair wearing a deadly suit of tight armour steps forward, clawed hand raised

Comic-Con@Home: The Top Cow Panel: The Darkness 25th Anniversary

Top Cow Panel: Darkness 25th Anniversary: It has been 25 years since Top Cow Productions unleashed the medium’s most prolific, anti-hero indie franchises in the modern age at comic book stores worldwide: The Darkness. Don’t miss Top Cow legends Marc Silvestri (founder, CEO) and Matt Hawkins (president, COO), along with Marguerite Bennett (writer, Witchblade) and…

Top Cow Pubwatch - Banner designed by Cori McCreery (Aphrodite V and logo copyright Top Cow Productions)

Top Cow Pubwatch: April/May

Top Cow news has been light over the past little while, and there aren’t necessarily a lot of new comics on the horizon, but the publisher continues to consistently produce solid reads in their ongoing series. Their library features a lot of unique stories, as well as their latest reboot of their flagship title, Cyber…